Jake Paul fires shots at “scared little duck” KSI, exposing his bout with Tommy Fury as only an exhibition fight

Jake Paul, the YouTuber turned boxer and the younger Paul brother, has had a rivalry with KSI dating back to the days when KSI fought Logan Paul and Jake fought KSI’s younger brother, Deji. Jake and KSI have been at odds ever since, engaging in multiple online feuds and even physical altercations.

There have been discussions of a potential bout between the two, but it hasn’t been made official yet. KSI is fighting Tommy Fury next month and Jake Paul has something to say about the bout between KSI and Fury.

Jake Paul labels KSI vs Tommy Fury as an exhibition bout

Jake Paul posted a tweet which has been deleted later. According to the deleted post, Paul said that KSI avoids Jake in the boxing ring as well as the chat room. Paul further went on to say that the bout between KSI and Tommy Fury wasn’t a real fight rather more like an exhibition fight. Jake also said there isn’t any legalized sportsbook in the US that is taking bets on KSI vs Fury because it is just not a real fight.

KSI took a screenshot of the now deleted tweet and posted on his twitter and said Jake deleted the tweet because he found out he was wrong. The Problem Child having the image of not being afraid to call out people on social media and getting into online disputes, replied to the tweet by KSI. Jake asked KSI to show his fans what legal betting houses in the US are taking bets on his fight with Fury.

Jake further went on to name a few established betting houses like Fan Duel, Draft Kings and bet MGM and argued that they aren’t taking bets. Jake then called KSI a “Duck” and a “Scared little Duck.”

Details on KSI vs Tommy Furry bout, dates, weight class, fight purse

The long-term rivals will take to the ring for the main event of the upcoming MF&DAZN: X Series Prime card. Negotiations over a fight between the two have been taking place over numerous months following Fury’s victory over Jake Paul.

After the fight of KSI against Joe fournier which KSI won with a knockout but was ruled out due to KSI using his elbow in the KO. KSI later stood face-to-face with Fury and called him out with talks beginning soon and the bout now being confirmed.

The six round cruiserweight bout between KSI and Fury is organized for 14 October. It will take place at the Manchester Arena with fight night set to get underway at 7pm and main event ring walks expected at around 10pm. The fight will be live broadcasted on DAZN and DAZN PPV.

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the bout between KSI and Tommy Fury. Do you agree with Jake Paul that the fight isn’t a real fight but an exhibition fight? Tell us in the comments.


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