Jake Paul announces major update for his fight vs Nate Diaz while boxing fans take subtle jabs at YouTube Boxing, KSI

When the concept of ‘Celebrity Bocing’ was rekindled by the likes of Jake Paul and KSI, many were naturally skeptical. However, despite all the criticism, the concept has come a long way, and one of the latest fights which share a similar format, will see Jake and former UFC fighter Nate Diaz duke it out.

The Problem Child and the MMA veteran will square off on 5 August at the Dallas American Airlines Centre. Many combat sports professionals, fans, and analysts have been closely observing the highly-anticipated bout.

Jake Paul claims Nate Diaz has considerable advantages late game due to more rounds

There has been some confusion regarding the number of rounds of Jake’s fight against Diaz. The MMA fighter and his team requested Jake’s team to make it a 10-round fight.


Initially, the bout was scheduled to be an 8-round fight. Yesterday the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation approved 10 rounds. However, the weight class in which the fight will take place is still 185 lbs.

Jake also confirmed the news through a Tweet. The Problem Child also expressed that 10 rounds are going to give Diaz an advantage which is why the debutant boxer has asked for it.

“10 rounds, if the fight goes to the later rounds, it’s obviously a big advantage for Nate. I know that he knows that (that’s why he made the request), the oddsmakers know that. But I don’t give a f***. I’m all in.” Jake said. 

Jake Paul fans throw subtle jabs at YouTube Boxing, KSI

KSI was also considered one of the pioneers of the next generation of celebrity boxing as his matches against Logan Paul managed to attract a lot of attention.

For a while, the Briton has been eyeing the young Paul brother for a bout, so following the recent developments involving Jake, some fans didn’t forget to take jabs at both KSI. and Youtube boxing as a whole.

One fan Jake has already done a better job than KSI by making it a ten-round fight as he said, “There’s levels, and Jake just proved he’s on a different level. Ksi and other fighters haven’t even done 6 rounds.”

Another fan named Bradley, however, had made a counter-response to this claim by saying, “Levels because jakes agreed to 10 rounds vs a washed mma fighter who cant box for shit and is going to get knocked out inside 5? lmao ok.. Pointless fight no one wants to see.”

“Jake ‘The Joke’ Paul is way out of his League here. Nate is only doing this for the money. They will put on a display for the crowd, but the bottom line is Nate could rip ‘The Jokes’ head off any time he chooses.” a user commented. 

A user named Combat Guru thinks Jake intentionally picked a retired MMA fighter so that he can easily win as he said,” Jake Paul cherrypicking old men to get his retarded young audience believe he’s actually good at boxing.”

Another user brutally mocked the fight by making comparisons with previous generation top fights by saying,” My grandfather had tommy vs sugar Ray, my father had manny vs Juan Manuel and i have jake vs old mma fighters.”

What is your take on the whole YouTube boxing scene? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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