“Stop being a p*ssy”: Ian Garry fires shots at Colby Covington over delayed UFC bout 

Ian Garry is still undefeated in the UFC. However, the entire UFC roster mocks the Irishman for his behavior and personal life outside the cage.

In his last UFC appearance, Garry beat Geof Neal via a split decision. Following his victory, Ian Machado Garry called out Colby Covington for his next bout. Garry and Colby have been trading barbs on social media ahead of a potential clash in the octagon. Colby Covington gave a list of demands that Ian needs to fulfill if he wishes to fight the former UFC title challenger.

Although Ian did not meet any of the absurd demands by Colby, he has reportedly signed the contract for their future bout. In a recent post, Ian sent a stern warning to Colby, demanding that he sign the contract.

“Stop being a p*ssy your foot is fine agree to the fight. You can’t talk all that sh*t and not back it up COWARD,” said Ian Garry. 

Colby Covington made some derogatory comments about Ian Garry’s wife, Layal Machado Garry. Following their feud over the internet, Garry challenged him to step into the ring to settle their differences once and for all. However, Colby has yet to accept Ian Garry’s challenge because he is still recovering from a foot injury.

Colby Covington and Ian Garry have some bad blood between them following the online beef. However, the resolution of their social media rivalry within the octagon hinges on Dana White’s decision to book their fight.

Is Colby Covington avoiding Ian Garry bout due to injury?

The last time Colby Covington stepped into the ring, it was against UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards. At UFC 296, Leon Edwards defeated Colby Covington to successfully defend his title.

However, Colby disclosed that he sustained an injury during the main event bout. Reports indicated that Colby sustained a foot injury in the first round against Leon Edwards.

“I knew straight away it was bad. It was the first kick I threw, it landed right on his elbow. Haters will still find a way to hate on me for fighting 25 minutes on one leg while landing over a hundred more strikes than Leon. But you know what? My haters are so broke, they can’t even pay attention. So f*** them,” said Colby about his foot injury. 

Ian Machado Garry claims that Colby Covington is not at all injured and is scared to take up the fight. It would be interesting to see if this fight happens, and if Colby becomes the man to end Ian’s undefeated UFC streak.

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