Ian Garry receives new challenge in Michael ‘Venom’ Page amid ongoing feud with Colby Covington

The UFC’s latest addition to the Welterweight Divison and former Bellator Welterweight sensation, Michael “Venom” Page, expressed that he’s looking to fight Ian “Machado” Garry next. Ian Garry, currently ranked #7 in the division, previously dismissed the threat of Michael when he was asked about his entry into the UFC.

Currently in a feud with #4 ranked Colby Covington after Covington called out Ian for a matchup, fans are unsure as to what the future holds for Garry.

Michael Venom Page calls out Ian Garry

After winning a sensational fight against Kevin Holland at UFC 299, Michael “Venom” Page already has his eyes set on his next opponent. Page, on The MMA Hour Podcast, expressed that he feels that the Ian Garry matchup makes sense according to the rankings.

“Just looking at the rankings, I think one that makes the most sense would be Ian [Machado] Garry,” Page told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour Podcast.

“Considering he thought I wasn’t going to get past Kevin. … There was an interview he did, I’m not sure on what, they asked him his views on me, he was like, ‘Who is he fighting? Oh he’s not going to beat Kevin. No way he gets past Kevin.’ Very dismissive. Which is fine. People ask me about my views, everyone is entitle to their opinion. There’s no need to be angry about it, but now I’ve gotten past and maybe you could stop me?” Page continued.

According to Michael, this could also turn into a massive fight if the fight card is held in the U.K, Michael’s home country.

“In the U.K. as well, it’s perfect. That would be a lot of noise there, and I think it’s a good fight. I think he’s ranked seventh, seven is my lucky number.”

Michael also shared his thoughts on the infamous reputation that Ian Garry has garnered among the MMA Community for his personal relationships.

“He’s a great fighter,” Page added. “Again, no need to be negative towards anybody. He’s sparked a lot of emotional reactions from a lot of people, from his personality, his performances, he’s doing good. But I definitely believe I can beat him, so why not?”

Ian Garry vs Colby Covington bout confirmed?

Colby Covington took to social media and made rounds after sharing a professionally shot and edited video, calling out Ian Garry. Colby, in classic Colby fashion, took the opportunity to roast Ian Garry and his wife for what Colby believes to be ‘poor choices’ and called Garry’s wife a ‘gold digger.’

After Covington’s shameless taunt, Ian Garry also uploaded a video to his social media handles. In the now-viral post, Garry called out ‘Chaos’ and challenged the Welterweight contender to an ‘I Quit’ challenge.

The first fighter to utter the words, ‘I Quit,’ must retire. Ian proposed this challenge to Colby, to which Chaos responded with his own demand. The American native demanded that The Future turn his comment section back on for his Instagram.

While no matchups have been confirmed or denied yet, whats next for Ian Garry is completely upto the UFC. Who do you expect Ian’s next challenge to be?


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