Who is Kamaru Usman wife? exploring his love life & daughter

On August 20, Kamaru Usman’s path to becoming one of the all-time greats will be tested. Usman defends his UFC welterweight title against Leon Edwards inside Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In addition, Kamaru Usman wife Eleslie Dietzsch will also play a key role in supporting her husband at the Utah Arena alongside their other family members. 

Who is Kamaru Usman wife?

Behind every succesful man there is a women who acts as the X factor. For Kamaru, this statement is so perfect as the three-time NCAA DII All-American wrestler, is married to Eleslie Dietzsch quite happily. The couple has a daughter together named Samirah, who was born in August 2014. Despite the fact that both partners frequently post about their daughter on Instagram, they rarely post photos of themselves on the social media platform. Usman and Dietzsch seem to prefer keeping their relationship status private or limited to some acquaintances only.

Kamaru Usman wife

How did Kamaru Usman meet Eleslie Dietzsch?

Aside from what has already been stated, not much information can be gleaned from anywhere other than Kamaru Usman’s wife’s and his Instagram that the couple is living a happy life separately and together, especially with their beautiful child involved in their beautiful journey.

In addition, it is still unknown on how the couple met together for the first time because Usman loves to keep his personal life private most of the time. 

When did Kamaru Usman get married to Eleslie Dietzsch?

According to boxing speculations, Kamaru Usman started relationship with Eleslie Dietzsch since 2016 and therefore we can presume that these two lovebirds tied the knot after 2016. 

Do Kamaru Usman and Eleslie Dietzsch have children together?

Yes, Kamaru Usman and Eleslie Dietzsch have a beautiful girl named Samirah who was born and raised in the USA and since then the kid is the apple of their eye.

Kamaru Usman with his daughter Samirah.

What is Eleslie Dietzsch profession and net worth?

Eleslie Dietzsch is few years older than Kamaru Usman but they share a wonderful conjugal life which seems to have enhanced after the birth of their only child Samirah in 2014.

Despite maintaining a social media account, Ms. Eleslie is not involved on any form of business or job as of today and therefore, her net worth and earnings are unknown, so we’ll have to rely on Usman’s net worth, which is estimated to be $3 million in 2022.


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