“It’s ok to seek help”: Sean Strickland’s teammate advocates therapy after UFC star rejects girlfriends’ helpful advice

When it comes to expressing his views, Sean Strickland does not fear anyone. The former UFC champion has always been open about his feelings and struggles with mental health due to horrific childhood experiences. He has previously revealed being abused as a child and also having multiple mental health issues.

Recently, Sean Strickland rejected his girlfriend’s idea of contacting a therapist to solve his unresolved mental issues. Chris Curtis, a UFC middleweight fighter and teammate of Sean Strickland, took to social media to pen a strong message to all over the world to embrace therapy and get their emotional issues resolved. Here is what Chris Curtis had to say about the impact of therapy:

“We need to normalize grown men getting therapy. We aren’t our fathers. Things are not the same.”

This powerful message from Chris came just one day after Sean revealed his girlfriend wants him to consult a therapist to resolve major anger issues. But in typical Sean Strickland fashion, he denied that he needs therapy and also claimed that therapy is a sign of weakness.

Strickland said: “I think she’s trying to make me weak. What does she have planned?!?!”

Right now, Sean is focused on his UFC comeback bout against Paulo Costa. But it is very important to maintain one’s mental health as well. Tarzan will need to be in top shape physically and mentally to defeat Costa and get back into UFC middleweight title contention.

Sean Strickland opens up about mental health issues and almost attending therapy

Sean Strickland stunned the world at UFC 293 with one of the biggest upsets in UFC history, defeating Israel Adesanya to become middleweight champion. But at UFC 297, Strickland lost to Dricus Du Plessis in controversial fashion. In a recent Instagram video, Sean opened up about his mental health despite earning millions and living his dream life. Strickland said:

“You know, I have everything. I’m rich. I’m famous. I have everything I’ve ever f**king wanted and I still am mentally unwell and I get into these mindsets where I want to burn everything down in the world.”

Sean Strickland also wanted to attend therapy but ultimately rejected the idea. This is because Strickland feels that “some shit should just stay buried!!!.”

Strickland did not get his title rematch against Du Plessis but will face Costa to regain momentum. Let’s hope Sean Strickland finds happiness at the end of the tunnel.

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