Michael Bisping pits Ian Garry against Michael Venom Page with massive implications for Leon Edwards

Former UFC middleweight champion and UFC analyst Michael Bisping put Ian “Machado” Garry up against the UFC’s newest fighter, Michael Venom Page. This was done after MVP’s great performance against Kevin Holland at UFC 299.

For Michael Bisping Ian Garry and Michael Venom Page are veteran fighters who have represented the United Kingdom in combat sports for years. Therefore, he made a move that caught the entire UFC community off guard.

Michael Bisping proposes massive fight for Leon Edwards’ title

While discussing the future of the Welterweight division on his YouTube channel, Michael Bisping started talking about potential matchups and his own personal suggestions that would move the Welterweight division forward.

“I think you leapfrog Michael Page right up to a number-six fight with Ian Machado Garry. Why? Well, they’ve been talking a bit of sht. Ian Garry’s been talking sht, he’s been kind of dismissing the threat of Michael Page. Michael Page said, ‘Listen, I’d do the same thing.’… And the winner of that fight potentially then would get to fight Leon Edwards in a stadium in the UK,” said Michael Bisping.

He further added that Ian Garry and Michael Venom Page have exchanged blows in the past, which makes for pre-fight lore as well. According to Michael, Ian Garry has dismissed the threat of Michael Venom Page previously, believing that Michael Venom Page does not have enough skill to stand with the ranked contenders in the division.

Michael Bisping also gave props to Page for ‘keeping calm’ as Page responded to Ian Garry’s callout, saying that he understands that the job of a fighter is to believe in himself and he would react similarly if he were to exchange positions with Ian.

Michael Bisping suggested that the victor of the Ian Garry vs Michael Venom Page showdown should face Leon Edwards in the UK, expressing his eagerness to attend the fight, even if he’s not involved in the event, due to the excitement of the potential matchup.

Leon Edwards accepted 3 opponents for UFC 300

Ahead of the massive UFC 300 card, it was revealed that the UFC offered Leon Edwards 3 opponents to defend his title from, to which he had no problem with any of the 3.

According to Dana White, president of the UFC, ahead of making the UFC 300 card, a lot of potential fights were being discussed and in the making, to be able to give the UFC fans a card that they can remember.

“We were out there talking to lots of people, trying to make lots of fights,” said Dana White during the UFC 298 post-fight press conference. “In this business, it’s about taking opportunities. Headlining UFC 300 with all the buzz and all the energy around it.”

“Let me say this — Leon Edwards has had, like, three opponents throughout this thing. Leon Edwards doesn’t say no to anybody. This kid is an absolute stud. He’s had like three opponents thrown at him during UFC 300 [conversations] — yes, yes, yes. He was willing to take on anybody. Kid’s an absolute stud. Leon, thank you, much respect.” added Dana white, praising Leon Edwards for not picking and choosing his future matchups, which he clearly could due to his status as the Champion.

Although it was never officially revealed, it is rumored that Leon Edwards was offered Shavkat Rakhmonov, Khamzat Chimaev, and even Lightweight Champion Islam Makhachev. Fans were left outraged when they found out that Belal Muhammad still had no mention of getting a title shot, despite a resume that is overqualified to be fighting the title holder.

So, what do you think about MVP? Does he deserve a title at such an early stage?


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