Dana White will announce UFC 300 main event at UFC 298 press conference after Super Bowl letdown

UFC 300 is set to be one of the most stacked events ever in UFC history. Dana White was indecisive so far with its headliner, but it appears now, he may have made up his mind.

After quashing fan expectations of the possible announcement at Super Bowl LVIII, Dana White has decided to let us all know the main event of UFC 300 at the UFC 298 press conference.

Dana White will announce UFC 300 main event at UFC 298

Dana White had originally planned to announce the main card fight of UFC 300 at the Sper Bowl. However, fans were thoroughly disappointed when White did not make any announcement, adding salt to a somewhat disappointing Super Bowl. However, White has announced that he intends to announce the UFC 300 main event during the UFC 298 post-fight conference.

UFC 300 is set to be the most stacked cards in promotional history and features exciting matchups from top to bottom. The event will also feature two title fights. It is quickly becoming an anticipated event, garnering a lot of the attention from the fans.

Another title fight could be added to the mix at UFC 300. According to MMA News, the promotion is allegedly down to four different fight options to headline UFC 300.

White previously hinted that an announcement for UFC 300’s main event would be during Super Bowl Sunday, although that timeline came and went. The MMA community has grown impatient with the UFC and wants to know what the headliner will be, just weeks away from the event. However, it appears, Dana White is no longer indecisive and has chosen a fight to headline UFC 300.

Dana White failed to announce UFC 300 during Super Bowl

Dana White was supposed to ease the anticipation of the fans by announcing UFC 300 during the Super Bowl. However, it seems White fumbled it and did not announce the event, leaving widespread speculation as to when he would announce it.

Despite tickets being on sale, the headliner is still unknown, with White confirming two spots needed to be filled. Speculation and rumors swirl around potential fighters and marquee returns for this historic event, leaving fans disappointed after hopes for an announcement during Super Bowl 58 were dashed.

Meanwhile, Danan White has been forced to deal with a lot of drama lately. From the antics of Sean Strickland to the loss of Joe Pyfer, White has had to deal with a lot just this past week. Maybe that is why he wanted to clear his head before making the decision of who is going to headline UFC 300.

Dana White has decided that he will announce the headliner of UFC 300 at the press conference of UFC 298. The fans will finally be getting their answer. Who do you think will headline UFC 300?

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