Fans mock Joe Pyfer after brutal UFC Vegas 86 defeat: “Dana White is mad”

In the UFC Vegas 86 main card, Joe Pyfer suffered a defeat against Jack Hermansson, turning him into a subject of ridicule within the community.

Despite being favored to win, Pyfer’s unexpected loss left the entire UFC fan base stunned. Jack’s display of experience secured a victory against Pyfer, prompting fans to quickly mock his performance.

Joe Pyfer suffers defeat at UFC Vegas 86

Joe Pyfer was set to fight Jack Hermansson as the main card fight of UFC Vegas 86. The fight was heavily in favor of Pyfer and yet the result seemingly shocked everyone.

Pyfer took an early lead against Hermansson, winning the first two rounds on all three judges’ scorecards. However, Hermansson turned the tide and punished Pyfer in the last three rounds to edge the fight.

“People underestimate my boxing because of some lesser good performances,” Hermansson said in his postfight interview. “But I believe in myself. In a long fight, nobody has the cardio I have.”

The match began with Pyfer winning the initial few rounds and showing his strength. However, after that, it became a completely different affair as veteran Hermansson started getting the better of him in every way.

The result went in the favor of Hermansson who pulled off an upset victory against the favorite in a main card match. This left the fans speculating if Dana White was upset that a fighter he vouched for and the one favorite to win eventually lost the fight.

Joe Rogan had formerly announced the fact that Joe Pyfer hits harder than Francis Ngannou, much to the disapproval of fans. However, today it seems that Pyfer left that side of him at home today as he lost quite unconvincingly.

According to The Score, in 15 fights as a pro, Pyfer had never gone five rounds and had only made it past the second round once. However, Hermansson handed him a humiliating defeat proving that he still has a lot to learn and making him the subject of ridicule by the fans.

Fans troll Joe Pyfer after UFC Vegas 86 loss

After Pyfer’s upset loss to Hermansson, the fans wasted no time in trolling Pyfer as memes and posts flooded the forums. We got many comedic gems amongst the piles of memes.

Memes and troll posts are the universal language of comedy as it stands, and the fans were fluently discussing Pyfer’s loss in that language last night.

Pyfer will have to work extra hard to regain his confidence and the confidence of the fans after that loss. Do you think he will ever be able to recover? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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