Fans disapprove Joe Rogan provided fact about Joe Pyfer hitting harder than Francis Ngannou

No one is unfamiliar with the podcast giant and UFC commentator Joe Rogan. His podcasts are often found insightful and interesting, but in a recent conversation with UFC Welterweight Sean Brady, he made a statement about UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou that many fans disagree with.

Joe Rogan raised questions about Ngannou’s punch strength, which fans didn’t appreciate. Francis Ngannou is set to fight former World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua and has issued a warning to the former champion.

Fans react to Joe Rogan revealing Joe Pyfer hits harder than Ngannou

In conversation with Sean Brady, who is a teammate of Joe Pyfer, Rogan claimed that Pyfer broke Francis Ngannou’s record on a punch machine and said that UFC Heavyweight Champion wasn’t able to accept it. According to Rogan, Pyfer punches harder than Ngannou.

However, Brady concurred, saying that he is a hard puncher and the machine owner declined to give Pyfer the record. Rogan said, “That motherf***er hits so hard,We should tell everybody that he broke Francis Ngannou’s record on that punch machine.”

Ngannou’s supporters dismissed the report as untrue, with some even deeming it impossible. It’s challenging to imagine that Joe Pyfer strikes harder than Francis, and without any proof or footage to back it up, it appears that Rogan isn’t credible enough for fans to believe him.

Ngannou claims to knock Anthony Joshua out

Francis Ngannou is set to face former World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua, after giving a stellar performance against World Champion Tyson Fury in his Boxing debut. After grounding Fury, he is preparing to knock down AJ and add a win to his boxing career. In a recent interview, Ngannou handed a warning to AJ.

Ngannou said,” I think most likely (I’m) knocking Anthony Joshua out, I think that he’s easier to go down than Fury. I mean, not that he’s not a strong fighter. He’s a very tough fighter, but he’s easier to send down than Fury, and it’s harder for him to get back up than Fury.”

The Predator will square off against AJ on March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which is expected to generate fortunes for the fighters. It will be interesting to see if Ngannou will bounce back after his controversial defeat against Fury or AJ will get closer to a title bout.


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