Why do Bulls fans hate Jerry Krause?

In the winning history of the Chicago Bulls, there exists a chapter that fans prefer to skip over, one that speaks of the former general manager from 1985 to 2003, Jerry Krause.

In the red-letter halls of the United Center, a grand Ring of Honor ceremony reuniting the legends who brought glory to the Windy City took an unnecessary turn, accompanied by a storm of boos from the fans.

Why do Bulls fans hate Jerry Krause?

The ceremony took place during the halftime break, and with the absence of Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, and Dennis Rodman raised eyebrows, leaving fans hopeful for their digital appearances. Little did the on-stage legends expect the storm that awaited them.

The uproar rose right after hearing the mere mention of Jerry Krause, the Bulls’ general manager who served from 1985 to 2003—a man whose legacy, amidst all the Bulls’ triumphs and tribulations, triggered a chorus of disapproval among the team’s faithful fans. The ceremony, originally intended to celebrate the team’s historic achievements, took an unwarranted detour into the echoes of contempt.

The shouts of boos wasn’t the worst part of the ceremony, but rather painful sight of Krause’s widow, Thelma Krause, who was accepting the honor on his behalf. As the boos rained down, everyone clearly witness Thelma visibly shaken and, quite possibly, on the verge of tears as well.

Bulls’ commentator Stacey King, a witness to the spectacle, didn’t hold back in expressing his disappointment as he said, “What we witnessed today, when Jerry Krause’s name was called and the people that booed Jerry Krause and his widow, who was accepting this honor for him. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

King continued to say, “I hurt for that lady. Brought her to tears. Whoever booed her in this arena should be ashamed of themselves, that’s not Chicago. That’s New York. Philly. Chicago’s not like that. We don’t have a reputation of being that way.”

Jerry Krause’s achievements for Bulls

Jerry Krause, the general manager of the Chicago Bulls from 1985 to 2003, was one such a mysterious figure. While the Bulls achieved unparalleled success under his management, Krause’s journey was full of boos from fans and skepticism from players.

Jerry, the mastermind behind six NBA championships in eight seasons for the Chicago Bulls, yet stood on the victory parade of boos. Bulls fans would often end up in opposition with decision-makers who must balance budgets and make tough calls. Krause, despite achieving such great success for the Bulls, found himself at odds with fans over contracts, especially with the iconic Michael Jordan.

Krause’s legacy made bold decisions and undeniable contributions: From drafting Scottie Pippen to orchestrating deals for Dennis Rodman, Krause’s knack for assembling a winning roster was evident. The clash with Michael Jordan over contracts and the bold move to challenge the GOAT’s return from injury showcased Krause’s unwavering determination to see the Bulls win championships.

If Jerry Krause didn’t make the moves that he did back then, would the Bulls have 6 rings or any rings at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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