What is the estimated worth of Francis Ngannou vs Anthony Joshua fight purse?

Francis Ngannou will now take on former World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua after turning in a standout performance against Tyson Fury and overcoming all obstacles to establish himself in the boxing world.

For both AJ and Ngannou, this big fight might prove to be profitable. The audience has been in amazement since Forbes just revealed the expected revenues for both AJ and Ngannou from the fight. In addition to anticipating this match, Ngannou hopes to make amends with Tyson Fury later in the year.

Francis Ngannou vs Anthony Joshua estimated purse is revealed

This awaited matchup is projected to generate substantial revenue from PPV. Not to mention, both Ngannou and Joshua are set to earn millions from the fight’s purse. The estimations from Forbes surprised boxing fans. According to reports from Forbes, the fight is expected to have a purse of $70 million.

Both fighters will receive their fair share based on their popularity. Anthony Joshua is set to earn a substantial $50 million from this purse, while UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou will also bring in an impressive $20 million.

As these figures are said to be pre-sponsor and PPV revenue, it is an astonishing purse value. Zhilei Zhang recently took a dig at the boxing federations, saying that they have made AJ their cash-cows and won’t let him fight against AJ. Zhilei is also looking for a match against AJ, Fury and Usyk but might get a bout against Deontay Wilder under AJ vs Ngannou fight card.

Francis Ngannou claims to rematch Tyson Fury this year

Francis Ngannou delivered an impressive performance in his boxing debut, going up against none other than the boxing legend and current World Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury. Currently, he is preparing for his upcoming match against Anthony Joshua. However, he is still bothered by his contentious loss to Fury and has recently made a surprising statement about his opportunity to seek redemption against Fury.

Ngannou recently stated in an interview that he is set to have a rematch with Fury. After his match, he was asked in the ring to prepare for the rematch. Based on his remarks, it seems likely that Francis will have a match against Fury before the year is over.

He said, “There were always talks about the rematch. Even after the fight Minister walked into the Octagon and said ‘Get ready for the rematch’. It is going to happen, our rematch term was within one year which is going to be till October this year. “

Boxing fans should expect a thrilling few months as Tyson Fury takes on Alexandr Usyk, Francis aims to add a victory to his record, and Anthony wants to improve his chances of winning a championship fight.


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