Francis Ngannou’s team nears finalizing next bout against Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua after dramatic Tyson Fury showdown

Francis Ngannou deserves the title of the baddest man on the planet as despite having no prior boxing experience the fearless fighter went ahead and boxed the lineal heavy weight champion Tyson Fury. He even made the fight extremely close making the fight result seem controversial.

After his unexpected performance, the fighting community did accept him as a valid fighter. This opened many more potential matchups for Francis. He could be fighting any of the best heavy weights in the world for his next bout.

Francis Ngannou contemplates next move

Francis Ngannou, renowned for his incredible MMA skills, made a surprising leap into the world of boxing by squaring off against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. With zero prior experience in boxing, Ngannou showed extraordinary talent and came incredibly close to defeating Fury in a bout that has left everyone talking. Now, as the dust settles, Ngannou is taking some time to think about his next steps while the boxing community eagerly anticipates new possibilities.

The fight between these two titans was nothing short of sensational, highlighting Ngannou’s extraordinary power and adaptability. Hailing from Cameroon, Ngannou made a name for himself in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) before making this daring move into the boxing world. Despite the odds being against him, he showed remarkable courage and determination as he went head-to-head with Fury, a seasoned boxing champion. His near victory in the showdown has won him the admiration of fans and the respect of fellow fighters.

For Francis Ngannou, this bout has opened numerous doors in the boxing world. His incredible performance has sparked discussions about potential matchups with renowned heavyweights like Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and others. The excitement surrounding these potential fights has reignited the conversation about crossover bouts between MMA and boxing stars. As Ngannou takes time to evaluate his future in combat sports, fans and experts are eagerly waiting to see what his next move will be and the impact it will have on the ever-evolving world of professional fighting.

Ngannou rules out appeal despite displeasure with loss to Fury

After the closely contested bout with Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou has decided to forgo his initial plans of appealing the judges’ decision that went against him. Though he initially expressed displeasure with the verdict and launched an appeal process, Ngannou has now redirected his focus solely on securing a highly anticipated rematch with Fury.

The Ngannou vs. Fury bout was a thrilling spectacle, pitting an MMA star with no prior professional boxing experience against the WBC heavyweight champion. The fight showcased Ngannou’s remarkable adaptability and determination as he traded punches with Fury over twelve intense rounds. The judges’ decision in favor of Fury sparked a divisive reaction within the sports community.

Despite the disappointment of the initial decision, Francis Ngannou remains unwavering in his commitment to the sport. His determination to secure a rematch with Tyson Fury is now at the forefront of his post-fight narrative. Ngannou is ready to make the necessary adjustments and preparations for a potential rematch, promising another epic encounter.

What do you think is going to be the next move by Francis, do let us know.

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