Baltimore Ravens secure WR Rashod Bateman with three-year contract extension

The Baltimore Ravens have made a major move before the 2024 NFL Draft kicks off. The team had to work on the contract situation of their WR Rashod Bateman and things have finally fallen into place.

The Ravens were considering the fifth-year option and had to exercise it before the deadline. However, just eight days before that it became redundant, the team announced that they have signed Rashod Bateman to a three-year contract extension.

Now, Rashod Bateman is going to stay with the team through the 2026 season. Initially, there was also speculation about Bateman’s trade. It was expected that the team might do the same thing they did with Marquise Brown two years ago.

However, for Rashod Bateman the team opted for a different approach and made Bateman the first first-round wide receiver of the Ravens to sign a second contract.

Now, Rashod Bateman will enter the 2024 season without any lame duck status and possibly it will be a better season for the WR after all the challenges he faced earlier.

Rashod Bateman’s Resilient Journey with the Ravens

Rashod Bateman had a journey full of ups and downs with the Ravens, since being drafted as the No. 27 overall pick in 2021. Despite facing numerous challenges, his resilience has been evident throughout his career.

Bateman’s career began with significant setbacks due to injuries. He missed the first six games of his rookie season after undergoing hernia surgery and was later sidelined for the final nine games of his second season following foot surgery.

Moreover, the WR’s frustrations with the Ravens’ management surfaced publicly when he called out General Manager DeCosta on social media. He criticized DeCosta’s comments about the team’s struggles in drafting pass-catchers.

Despite the challenges, Rashod Bateman managed to contribute to the Ravens. In his first full season, he faced difficulties in syncing with quarterback Lamar Jackson, recording 32 receptions for 367 yards and one touchdown. However, his potential was recognized by Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

Harbaugh predicted that Bateman would seize more opportunities in the upcoming season and make significant contributions to the team’s offense.

For the 2024 season, Rashod Bateman is expected to assume the role of the Ravens’ No. 2 wide receiver, complementing Zay Flowers. Hopefully, the WR will finally get a chance to show his full potential.

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