Jayden Daniels’ NFL Draft dream preference revealed, Washington Commanders not on the list

After months of speculation, the NFL Draft is finally going to take off this week, and the top draft prospect, Jayden Daniels has already revealed his dream landing spot.

Recently, The Athletic’s Dianna Russini released an article on the rumors she’s hearing leading up to the draft and it included the details about Jayden Daniels’ preferences of the teams.

She wrote that Daniels has shared that he will be cool to sign with the Washington Commanders but his dream landing spot is the Raiders or the Vikings.

“Jayden Daniels was given a high grade by many teams. While the QB is ‘cool’ with Washington, I’m told in his ‘dream world’ he would reunite with Raiders coach Antonio Pierce or play under Kevin O’Connell in Minnesota,” Russini reported.

So far, Jayden Daniels has had multiple meetings with the Vikings, Raiders, Commanders, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and Denver Broncos. However, the teams that impressed the top draft prospect were the Vikings and the Raiders.

After these comments of the QB went viral, rumors started circulating that he doesn’t want to sign with the Commanders. However, Daniels quickly addressed those rumors clarifying he will have no problem signing with the Commanders.

Jayden Daniels addresses Washington Commanders rumors 

Despite the rumors circulating about Jayden Daniels’ reluctance to play for the Washington Commanders, the QB emphasized that he is willing to play for any team that drafts him in the 2024 NFL Draft.

“I’m blessed to go wherever I’m called. Whoever calls my phone, (when the) commissioner gets up and says my name, I’ll be blessed, and they’re going to get my all.”

When directly asked about moving to the Washington Commanders, Jayden Daniels reiterated his openness to being drafted by the team, stating, “Yeah. 100 percent.”

The dream teams’ revelation of the QB was not the only reason why these rumors started but Jayden Daniels also had an unpleasant experience during the meeting with the Commanders.

It led to fans thinking Daniels wouldn’t be interested in signing with the Commanders anymore. However, now he has clarified that he will have no problem signing with the team so there is a possibility of a deal with the Washington.

Which team do you think will be able to sign Jayden Daniels? Let us know in the comments.

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