NFL Draft 2024: Which compensatory picks do the Rams and 49ers have?

The 2024 NFL season is coming soon, and the 32 NFL teams are preparing themselves to bolster their roster for the upcoming season. The franchise’s front office members are having busy times signing, or releasing players.

The front office members had a busy week at the NFL Scouting Combine, which witnessed the talent of speedster like Xavier Worthy. They will have the chance to draft some promising players in the upcoming draft. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams got good news by getting lucrative compensation picks on Friday for the NFL Draft 2024.

Which picks do the 49ers and Rams own in NFL Draft 2024?

The 49ers and Rams emerged as leaders in compensatory picks in the NFL Draft 2024. Both teams acquired five additional selections due to minority hirings in coaching and executive roles, via YardBarker.

The 49ers stood out by receiving multiple compensatory picks in the third and fourth rounds. They now hold round 1, Pick 31 Overall, round 2, Pick 63 & 94 Overall, round 4, Pick 123, 130 & 132 Overall (Compensatory), round 5, Pick 175 Overall (Compensatory), round 6, Pick 211 & 215 Overall (Compensatory), and round 7, Pick 232 Overall & 251 Overall.

On the Rams’ side, compensatory picks include No. 98 in the third round, and multiple selections in the sixth (Nos. 209, 213, and 217) and seventh rounds (Nos. 253 and 254). These compensatory picks will provide additional opportunities for both teams to strengthen their rosters and continue their competitive streaks.

To be eligible for compensatory picks, teams must lose more or better qualifying free agents than gained in a given year, with selections awarded in Rounds 3 through 7 based on a confidential formula considering various factors. Both teams also secured a “special compensatory pick” in the third round for losing minority coaches or executives to head coach or general manager positions with other clubs.

All details on NFL Draft 2024 compensatory picks

There were 34 compensatory picks given to 14 teams for the NFL Draft 2024, the NFL announced on Friday. Besides the Eagles and Rams, the New Orleans Saints stand out among the beneficiaries of this compensatory system by securing three extra picks in the fifth round.

396Jacksonville Jaguars
397Philadelphia Eagles
398Los Angeles Rams 
399San Francisco 49ers 
4132San Francisco 49ers 
4133Buffalo Bills
4134Baltimore Ravens 
5167New Orleans Saints 
5168Green Bay Packers 
5169New Orleans Saints 
5170Philadelphia Eagles 
5171Philadelphia Eagles 
5172Kansas City Chiefs 
5173Dallas Cowboys 
5174New Orleans Saints 
5175San Francisco 49ers 
6208Cincinnati Bengals 
6209Los Angeles Rams 
6210 Philadelphia Eagles 
6211San Francisco 49ers 
6212Jacksonville Jaguars 
6213Los Angeles Rams 
6214Cincinnati Bengals 
6215San Francisco 49ers 
6216Dallas Cowboys 
6217Los Angeles Rams 
6218New York Jets 
6219 Green Bay Packers 
6220 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
7253Los Angeles Chargers 
7254Los Angeles Rams 
7255Green Bay Packers 
256New York Jets 
7257New York Jets 
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The Philadelphia Eagles, another franchise grappling with the aftermath of numerous free-agent departures, were awarded four compensatory draft picks. These additional selections provide crucial opportunities for teams to replenish their rosters and address specific needs arising from previous losses.

NFL Draft 2024
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The New York Jets led all AFC teams with three compensatory draft picks. The Green Bay Packers, and New York Jets each secured three picks. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals, and Dallas Cowboys, received at least two additional selections. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers each gained one compensatory pick.


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