Why do Jake Paul and KSI hate one another? Explaining their severe feud

Jake Paul and KSI are probably the most talked-about individuals when it comes to the influencer boxing scene. The two have amassed a large audience, and now their feud has grown more intense than ever.

Ever since KSI fought Logan, they squashed their beef and became good friends. However, Jake was never comfortable with that because he did not expect them to become good friends and business partners as well. On multiple occasions, Jake has expressed how much he despises that friendship.

Why do Jake Paul and KSI hate one another?

The beef between them started at the first massive influencer boxing card. Where KSI fought Logan and Jake fought Deji. Jake beat Deji and KSI obviously did not feel really nice about it at the time. KSI then fought Logan again and beat him. That is when the beef between them started as Logan was emotionally hurt from that fight and Jake did not take that well either.

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Jake decided to take it upon himself to beat KSI to avenge his brother’s loss. KSI was also interested in this fight as he did not like Jake being regarded as the best influencer boxer. He has upped the levels since then and now ready to face Tommy Fury. The Jake vs KSI fight has not been finalized yet. Some things often bring their fight talks to a halt.

Jake Paul hates Logan Paul & Logan Paul’s friendship

After KSI’s fight with Logan the two became good friends and started their own business company as well. They launched their own sports hydration drink called prime. Logan and KSI, the two are now even headlining in their next boxing card together.

Jake feels betrayed when Logan sides with KSI as he thinks that Logan is giving more priority to KSI. A lot of other influencers have also sided with Jake on this, agreeing that at times Logans favours KSI more than Jake.

Jake also believes that there is a significant chance that if he and KSI spent more time together, they would become very good friends. He has mentioned this many times, and people often say that he and KSI share many of the same qualities, which could make them good friends.

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