NFL, NBA, and MLB all release statements in support of Israel after brutal Hamas attacks

The brutal attacks of Hamas on Israel have left the world heartbroken. Several civilians have been killed in the attack and many have been injured. Many soldiers and innocent civilians have been taken as hostages.

President Biden and other world leaders condemned Hamas which the United States classifies as a terrorist organization saying they stand with Israel and its right to defend itself. Professional sports leagues NBA, NFL and MLB have all released statements in support of Israel after the brutal Hamas attacks.

Professional sports leagues back Israel following Hamas attacks

NBA, NFL and MLB have expressed their sorrow for the people of Israel and have offered their thoughts and prayers. The situation in Israel is deeply upsetting. Many families have lost their loved ones and are in a terrible state.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) stated they “mourn the horrific loss of life in Israel and condemn these acts of terrorism.”

“We stand with the people of Israel and pray for peace for the entire region”, the statement added.

The National Football League (NFL) issued a statement as well, saying, “The NFL mourns the loss of innocent lives in Israel and strongly condemns all forms of terrorism.”

“The depravity of these acts is beyond comprehension, and we grieve with the families of those killed, injured, and still missing. We pray for peace and will always stand against the evils of hate”, added the statement.

Major League Baseball (MLB) on Monday issued a statement in which they wrote, “We are horrified by the acts of terrorism committed against the people of Israel that took so many lives.”

“We mourn for all those who lost loved ones and pray for the wounded, their caretakers and those still searching for family and friends. We condemn these acts of hatred and violence and are heartbroken for the people of Israel,” said the statement from MLB.

Fans want NBA to learn from NFL’s statement on Israel-Palestine situation

Fans pointed out that the NFL’s statement regarding the Israel-Palestine situation was far better than that of the NBA. The NBA had said that they stand with the people of Israel, but the NFL’s statement was a stronger one as compared to the NBA’s. While the NBA spoke about the situation and supported Israel, the NFL had a much more powerful message of condemning “ALL acts of violence” which fans found more appropriate.

While all the three leagues that is the NBA, NFL AND MLB, have released their own statements, the core theme of the statements is the same for all. All are mourning the loss of innocent lives and are praying for peace. The attacks have left them all horrified.

What are your thoughts on the NBA, NFL and MLB’s statements on the Israel-Palestine conflict? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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