“The King going home”: Charles Barkley on Lakers third playoff game loss

Charles Barkley used a broomstick after LeBron James and the LA Lakers faced a tough streak of 11 losses in a row against the Denver Nuggets, losing another big opportunity in the series. After the recent defeat on Thursday night with a final score of 112-105, the Lakers now find themselves in a challenging 0-3 deficit.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis put in their best efforts to secure a win, but unfortunately, they fell short. The support from their teammates, especially starting point guard D’Angelo Russell, was notably lacking, as he didn’t score any points during the game.

After the match, the NBA on TNT panel analyzed the Lakers’ loss. Charles Barkley summed up the Lakers’ situation with a few sharp words.

“The King going home after one more game,” Barkley remarked, referring to ‘King James’ and the Lakers’ impending exit from the competition.

In his usual style, Barkley added a visual touch by using a broomstick to symbolize the possibility of the Lakers’ next home game being their last in the postseason. If the Lakers don’t manage a victory in their next game, the Nuggets will have another sweep against the purple and gold.

Charles Barkley’s pre-game prediction for Sixers

The New York Knicks started their playoff series strong with three wins at home against the Philadelphia 76ers. As the series moved to Philadelphia, Charles Barkley had earlier predicted a turnaround for the 76ers on their home court.

“Philly is going to bring the heat tonight. My 76ers will secure a win,” Barkley confidently stated, adding, “I guarantee it!”

As Barkley struck the ‘Guarantee’ button again, he was rained with confetti and party strings instead of the studio lights shutting down on him.

And in fact, they did win.

Game 4 of the best-of-seven series is scheduled for Sunday at 1:00 p.m. ET at the Wells Fargo Centre.

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