How much is Logan Paul, KSI’s Prime worth? Understanding his thoughts on company’s lifespan

Enemies turned into good friends to business partners KSI and Logan Paul back in January of 2022 decided to launch their own sports hydration drink called Prime, and the drink has been selling like hot cake ever since.

The duo marketed the product extremely well, in both creative as well as commercial ways, they also started sponsoring sports team as well as individual sports athlete’s, at the current rate prime might just be a multi billion dollar business.

How much is Logan Paul, KSI’s Prime worth?

The two started off well but a lot of people believed that the hype would soon die out but that was nothing close to the truth, it been almost two years since the launch of the company and the drink is still hard to buy as it moves off the shelf extremely quick.

For months at end the demand for the product was so high that the supply could not match it at all, the product was initially launched in five different flavors but overtime the company has expanded and now has multiple other flavors and also has its own carbonated and caffeinated versions.

By the end of the first year it was estimated that prime had sold over 200 million units which was a crazy amount and a number that not many people expected, it made people curious to know what the valuation of the company would be.

The latest news that is going around it is that prime is now worth somewhere between 8-10 billion dollars, which would make KSI and Logan Paul potential billionaire’s due to their equity in their company.

In a recent interview with famous podcaster True Geordie, KSI’s manager MamsTaylor confirmed that primes is estimated to be values at somewhere between the range of 8-10 billion.

Logan Paul’s thought on Prime’s lifespan

Logan Paul has always showed his affection towards the company and how much he wants to contribute to it’s growth, they pulled off signing massive sports teams, to getting prime to the WWE, to having their own NFL Superbowl commercial to even signing sports athletes to the drink.

On a recent podcast with his brother Logan was asked, till when does he see prime living up to it’s hype and till when will be the lifeline of this organization and Logan said that he does not think prime is going anywhere.

Elaborating on his previous point he mentioned that he has never thought about quitting the company and wants to stay with it till the end, as he treats this company like his own baby and would love to be attached with it forever.

It has not always been an easy road for prime FDA raised questions on it, some people left negative reviews on it , but the duo never lost hope.

Do you think the hype behind prime is gonna last long, do let us know.


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