KSI throws prime bottle at Logan Paul during his WWE match, Youtuber shows battle scar after loss at MITB

In a surprising turn of events at a recent WWE match, popular YouTuber and boxer KSI made a memorable appearance by throwing a prime bottle at his rival, Logan Paul. The incident occurred during Logan Paul’s match, and KSI’s unexpected action added fuel to their ongoing rivalry.

Following the match, Logan Paul proudly showcased a battle scar, symbolizing his determination and resilience despite the loss at the event known as Money in the Bank (MITB). The clash between these internet sensations continues to captivate fans, blurring the lines between virtual and physical confrontations, and leaving many wondering what’s next in their high-profile feud.

KSI and Logan Paul’s interaction at MITB

The highly anticipated WWE event, Money in the Bank 2023, has sparked excitement among fans with the possibility of an interaction between KSI and Logan Paul. While KSI is not officially scheduled to appear, his history with WWE and his previous involvement at Wrestlemania 39 have left fans hopeful for a surprise appearance. At Wrestlemania, KSI made a memorable impact by donning a Prime mascot uniform and getting involved in Logan Paul’s match against Seth Rollins. This interaction showcased KSI’s ability to captivate the crowd and left fans eager for more.

With Money in the Bank taking place in KSI’s hometown of London at the renowned O2 Arena, the stage is set for a potential showdown between the YouTube sensations. The shared spotlight between KSI and Logan Paul, along with their history of collaboration and rivalry, has fueled speculation and anticipation for their possible encounter at the event.

As the event draws nearer, fans eagerly await any hints or announcements regarding KSI’s involvement. The electrifying atmosphere and the potential clash between these internet personalities add an exciting element to the already stacked Money in the Bank card. Whether it’s a surprise appearance or a confrontational moment, the prospect of KSI and Logan Paul crossing paths at Money in the Bank has captured the attention and imagination of wrestling fans worldwide.

Logan Paul’s return to WWE

Logan Paul’s return to WWE at Money in the Bank 2023 showcased his resilience and determination inside the squared circle. The Maverick’s participation in the high-stakes ladder match left him with some battle scars as he took on LA Knight, Damian Priest, Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, Butch, and Santos Escobar. The intense competition saw each contender vying for the coveted contract at different points in the match.

In a typical ladder match fashion, the anticipation built as two competitors found themselves exchanging blows atop the ladder while a third participant tipped it over, causing both men to crash through tables outside the ring. Logan Paul was one of the courageous individuals who took the plunge, leaving an indelible mark on the match.

Despite entering the event with minimal time for storyline development and not being the favored winner, Logan Paul came close to seizing the contract. However, his ascent was halted by Ricochet, and it was Damian Priest who ultimately emerged victorious. During the match, Logan Paul’s injury scare occurred when he was suplexed by King on the ropes, leading to a dramatic fall onto the unforgiving mat.

Logan Paul’s performance at Money in the Bank reaffirmed his undeniable presence in the WWE landscape. Whether loved or loathed, his return to the ring after WrestleMania 39 demonstrated his commitment to entertaining the WWE universe and solidified his status as a memorable competitor.


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