Jake Paul exposes KSI ahead of potential bout with Tommy Furry: “He fought Logan Paul at 193lbs”

Jake Paul, KSI, and Tommy Fury, the prominent figures in the influencer boxing scene, continue to escalate their rivalry through a series of intense tweets, trash-talking, and even threats.

Each day seems to witness an increase in the animosity between these three individuals as they engage in a war of words, aiming to assert their dominance over one another. 

KSI has expressed a strong desire to face Tommy, aiming to prove that he is truly superior to Jake Paul. In a recent tweet, KSI once again urged Fury to get into a fight with him. However, before that, KSI is emphasizing his eagerness to step into the ring against Tommy first. 

Jake Paul on KIS vs Tommy Fury

The ongoing online animosity between Jake Paul and KSI shows no signs of coming to an end in the near future. Their feud has been characterized by intense rivalry and verbal jabs.

Most recently, the two internet influencers engaged in another round of exchanges on Twitter, with Jake delivering a cutting insult directed at KSI. It is clear that their feud continues to captivate attention and maintain its momentum.

“We agreed on all the terms, we agreed on paying you exactly what you asked for. We agreed on rounds and to fight at 180 with no rehydration clause.” KSI said. 

This ongoing pursuit by KSI highlights his determination to showcase his skills and settle the debate surrounding his superiority over Jake Paul. However, Jake claimed that KSI is nothing but all talk. 

“I’m going to teach you a little something here: KSI is a b****. He’s all f****** talk.  It’s not going to happen. He’s all talk. He only wants to fight disabled video-gamers or guys who are f****** old as f*** and elbow them in the face.” Jake said. 

Jake Paul’s bold prediction on bout vs Nate Diaz

On August 5th, at the Dallas American Airlines Centre, the clash between Nate Diaz and The Problem Child is generating immense anticipation among combat sports professionals, fans, and analysts.

The highly-anticipated bout has garnered close observation as experts and enthusiasts eagerly await the showdown between the influencer boxer and MMA veteran. However, Jake isn’t losing his focus on the Tommy Fury rematch bout yet. 

“As early as October, I’ve instructed my team to send Tommy Fury the contract for a rematch. But first, I must handle my business on August 5, and then we can settle it.” Jake said.

Who do you predict will win if KSI and Jake Paul finally engage in a boxing battle? Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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