“I wanna KO your a**”: KSI sends stern warning to Tommy Fury, declares boxing bout conditions

The escalating rivalry between Tommy Fury and KSI is becoming increasingly intense. Both boxers have been actively engaging in a war of words on Twitter, trading sharp jabs and insults with each other. 

KSI has expressed great eagerness to secure a fight against Tommy Fury, driven by his desire to demonstrate his superiority over Jake Paul. ‘The Problem Child’ suffered his debut loss to ‘TNT’ not too long ago.

KSI vs Tommy Fury feud

The British YouTuber’s primary objective in facing TNT is to get a clear and convincing victory, which would bring him closer to a highly anticipated grudge match against Paul.

However, the young boxing star expressed that he doesn’t think this fight is happening anymore. According to KSI, Tommy Fury is simply being difficult, and making this four-month negotiation an absolute chore.

“We agreed on paying you exactly what you asked for, we agreed on the amount of rounds, we agreed to fight at 180 with no rehydration clause. We agreed on all of that, and then you chose to move the goalpost yet again.” KSI said regarding the Fury fight negotiations. 

Despite the persistent efforts of KSI to provoke a feud with Tommy Fury, the younger sibling of boxing icon Tyson Fury remains relatively unfazed by the prospect of the fight.

“Just a couple of things to clear up. KSI has just now agreed to do drug testing for this fight, and now he’s complaining about the weight. This fight is at 185, take it or leave it. Get some more food down you, and you’ll get there.” Tommy replied. 

Following his triumph against The Problem Child, the younger Fury sibling has expressed his desire to engage in a boxing match against another YouTuber-turned-boxer. Recently, KSI issued a threat to Fury through a tweet, indicating a renewed interest in igniting a feud between the two.

“Tommy, I wanna KO your ass so badly that I’ll come up in weight and do 185 lbs if you agree to do the weigh in on the morning of fight day. Nice fair fight. If not you will forever be known as Tommy Ducky.” KSI said.

KSI’s boxing resume overview

During the Misfits Boxing 7 event at London’s OVO Arena, KSI squared off against Joe Fournier in a much-anticipated boxing match. In a surprising turn of events, KSI emerged victorious over the billionaire businessman, but not without controversy.

The outcome was marred by a contentious elbow strike delivered by KSI. Hence the win was later declared a no-contest. Apart from a few exhibition fights, his pro career record now stands 1-0 with a win against Logan Paul.

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