Becky Lynch lists major targets to complete prior to defeating Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 40

It’s only a few days before the biggest wrestling event of the year kicks-off in Philadelphia. But Becky Lynch has some work to do before she takes on Rhea Ripley in the Women’s World Championship. 

The Man won the elimination chamber match in Australia, which resulted in the roster set for the upcoming WrestleMania. She did encounter a roadblock with her defeat to Nia Jax in the Royal Rumble that took place in February. However, she is confident in her abilities and is taking shots at Rhea Ripley frequently in her interviews to set her target for the ultimate prize.

Becky Lynch drops major announcement on book tour

Recently, Becky Lynch’s first book was released and got rave reviews and appreciation from former WWE legends. Amidst this, she is embarking on a book tour, signing copies for her fans. Currently, the first week of the tour is on, and she will be visiting two locations before the start of WrestleMania 40.

Now this seems to be her target going forward as she shared her plans in a tweet recently.

“The first week of the Becky Book tour is in the books. Up next, two more book signings, #WrestleMANia week, and the Women’s World Championship.”, she wrote.

Her book, titled The Man: Not Your Average Girl, is on sale starting March 26. Becky Lynch has gone back in time and stated her struggles in her starting days. Her injuries and comebacks make a prominent part of it, along with interesting stories such as when she almost joined rival promotion TNA.

It has earned high praise from WWE legend John Cena, among others. Cena praised her words and honesty, terming the book a ‘groundbreaker’. He even called it an ‘Underdogs Guide to the Galaxy’ and highly recommends it for anyone who is a fan of wrestling.

Rhea Ripley to defend WWE title against Becky Lynch

In the upcoming WrestleMania, Rhea Ripley will look to defend her title for the Women’s World Championship. Last year, she defeated Charlotte Flair and carved her name into the belt. Now she thinks the belt will be hers to keep this year too.

Speaking with Logan Paul on his podcast, she said that Becky Lynch is only competing with her to confirm that she is still the best. But her statement, “Mommy is always on top,” served as a prediction for the match’s final outcome.

As for Becky Lynch, she is not letting go of an inch and will be pretty tough to beat. During a recent RAW episode, she punched Dirty Dom in front of Rhea Ripley to escalate tensions even further.

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