Becky Lynch reveals reason for once considering joining TNA over WWE

WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch shared an interesting story from her early days during an appearance on the MMA Hour podcast as part of her book tour. ‘The Man’ has released her memoir, titled The Man: Not Your Average Girl, which went on sale this week.

Lynch is touring across the states, appearing for interviews, and her appearance on the podcast was part of that. She has quite a packed schedule for the next few weeks, starting with an appearance at WrestleMania, where she faces off against Rhea Ripley to fight for the WWE Women’s World Championship.

Becky Lynch almost joined TNA instead of WWE

The man was speaking to Ariel Helwani, and the subject changed its course from her beginnings to her opinion on Ronda Rousey’s statements to her feud with Rhea Ripley.

She spoke about her early days when she thought about joining TNA instead of WWE. This was influenced by the fact that the organization had better treated its female athletes than the more popular WWE.

‘My goal was maybe I could get into TNA because the way that they were treating women there was so much better than the way that they were treating women in WWE. So I was like, I can make a splash there,’ she added. 

But her plans took a pause as she suffered a head injury. This was when she was appearing in independent wrestling circuits and bodybuilding competitions. She went away from the wrestling scene and did not appear in the ring for the next 7 years.

Later, she joined WWE in 2013 and was part of the NXT brand. She was a big part of the WWE women’s revolution that happened in 2015 and was the first to win the women’s WrestleMania. She has not looked back and is now one of the top women’s athletes in sports. 

WWE yet to approach Becky Lynch for contract extension

One of the top stars on WWE’s current roster, Becky Lynch, has yet to sign an extension for her previous contract. Helwani asked Becky Lynch about the state of her contract, and she revealed that she is in the final two months. No one has reached out to her yet regarding a renewal, and she had a wry smile when asked if she would renew it. 

However, she was confident in her abilities that WWE would offer her a new deal. If fans are wondering whether this is her final WrestleMania, she quashed those thoughts, saying, ‘I highly doubt it.’ 


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