WATCH: Jamahal Hill trolls Alex Pereira ahead of UFC 300 bout

Jamahal Hill took to social media to troll Alex Pereira ahead of their highly anticipated main event bout at UFC 300. Hill, who vacated the UFC light heavyweight title, is confident in his journey back to becoming a champion against the two-division UFC Champion, Alex ‘Poatan’ Pereira.

With the main event bout for the light heavyweight title at line, Pereira is a student of Glover Texeira, the former light heavyweight Champion who Jamahal Hill took the title from.

Jamahal Hill provides spoiler for UFC 300 fight against Alex Pereira

In classic Jamahal Hill fashion, Hill took to social media to troll and post a hilarious skit ahead of the fight. In the skit, Jamahal enacted ‘how people expect the fight to go versus how it would actually go’.

The former Light Heavyweight Champ first enacted being calf kicked by Pereira (one of Pereira’s best abilities) and getting his leg injured, hopping off the cage, and saying ‘f*** this’. Then he enacts ‘how it would actually go’, attempting to leg kick Pereira, getting checked, and ultimately getting TKO’d from the damage.

Jamahal Hill is a fan favorite for his relatable sense of humor and amazing skillset inside the Octagon. Alex Pereira is infamous for his deadly calf kicks, which he throws in a very unorthodox manner, and they are his most well-known method for quickly neutralizing an opponent’s power.

Jamahal Hill responds to criticism for consulting Israel Adesanya

Ahead of the main event bout against ‘Poatan’, Jamahal Hill has faced a lot of criticism from MMA fans for expressing a lot of confidence in his ability to ‘knock out’ Pereira. Pereira has garnered a huge fanbase ever since his shift to the UFC, and has a lot of people behind him, who have raised a lot of questions at Jamahal’s confidence.

Jamahal Hill has referred to ‘Poatan’s’ fans as ‘Poatards’ (referring to Pereira fans as retards) and has been vocal about the biasedness he felt online.

Hill, who is good friends with former Middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya, consulted ‘Izzy’ before his matchup against Pereira, as ‘Izzy’ is a former 4 time rival of Pereira. For the same, Jamahal Hill was at the face of critique again on ‘X’.

Jamahal Hill as a response, took to ‘X’ to callout Pereira’s fans for their double standards, as Pereira’s head coach, Glover Texeira, is also Jamahal Hill’s rival and has gone with Hill for 5 straight rounds.

With the main event locked and loaded for the Light Heavyweight Title, the matchup gets even more intense because of the history of the Title, being formerly held by Pereira’s coach, Texeira.


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