Seth Rollins promotes John Cena’s empowering words for Becky Lynch’s memoir

WWE superstar Becky Lynch’s memoir is coming out next week. The reviews are already out, and former WWE legends have shared rave reviews on social media. Becky’s partner, Seth Rollins, has shared one of the reviews on Instagram by none other than John Cena.

The man behind the Cenation Army has always supported Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch in the past. He had shown his support and happiness when the couple went public. Now his words will surely make a difference in Lynch’s memoir, which is lauded by everyone. 

Seth Rollins endorses John Cena’s message for Becky Lynch

In an Instagram story, Seth Rollins shared a message from John Cena. He had shared his views about Becky Lynch’s memoir, The Man: Not Your Average Girl. The 8-time WWE Champion had high praise for Lynch, reserving the words ‘perseverance, humility, and raw emotion’. This should be a must-read for wrestling fans and anyone aspiring to be a WWE superstar. 

These words are sure to make the day for Becky Lynch, who has considered John Cena her idol. She later reposted Seth’s story on her Instagram. Words of appreciation from someone who had a big influence on her career meant a lot to her.

John Cena has always been the well-wisher for the WWE power couple. Speaking recently, Seth had high praise for the WWE legend. ‘John’s the GOAT, man. John’s the best. John is incredible. I’m a footnote; really, in his career, you know, John influenced so many talents over the years. John influenced what I do so heavily,’ he added.

Becky Lynch receives universal praise for her memoir

John Cena was not the only one praising the memoir. Several WWE legends have shared their words about the book, and it is getting rave reviews everywhere.

Apart from Cena, Steve Austin, Stephanie McMahon, and Jim Foley had words of appreciation for the former triple WWE champion. Becky Lynch shared those excerpts in the same Instagram post.

Here are some of the words: 

Steve Austin

“Becky’s writing style is infectious and contagious. Just like her personality. From hard times and hard decisions, to changing the landscape of sports entertainment, the self-described ‘underdog’ has always been destined to do great things. I’m sure there is more to come. And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.”

Stephanie McMahon 

“Becky Lynch: The Man is the story of a remarkable woman who had the guts to put it all on the line. Taking risks that would take her from flight attendant to one of the biggest WWE Superstars in the world, Becky Lynch defies every stereotype. The crowd loves her because she is vulnerable and real, and I have no doubt you will too!”

Mick Foley:

“Becky Lynch: The Man is one of the finest wrestling books—or memoirs of any kind—I have had the pleasure to read. Actually, it was equal parts, honor and pleasure; Becky allowed me in on the ground floor of her creative process, and I read with great joy as she found her voice as a writer. I am so glad she has chosen to share that voice and her remarkable life story with all of us.”

Her partner in crime, Seth Rollins, was equally effusive in her praise.

The book releases on March 26, and that will kick off the book tour. The dates are scheduled to start on the same day, with the champion wrestler expected to visit New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, and Philadelphia. Fans will be able to get their signed copy by attending the event in person.


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