Pat McAfee reveals almost tearing ACL imitating Jey Uso’s iconic YEET celebration on Raw

The Uso twins’ matchup is nearing, increasing the excitement among fans. Yesterday, we witnessed Jay Uso performing his ‘YEET’ celebration with the audience, igniting the hype. So much so, commentator Pat McAfee joined in and executed the moves.

The clash between the brothers is touted as one of the significant moments to watch out for in the upcoming Wrestlemania, following Jimmy’s numerous interferences in his brother’s matches. Meanwhile, Jay Uso has departed from The Bloodline and is pursuing a solo act in WWE.

Pat McAfee escapes ACL injury scare

To mark his upcoming match with his brother, Jey Uso entered the ring amidst promotion, getting chants from the audience as he made his way in. It didn’t take long for his iconic ‘YEET’ celebration to commence, with everyone joining in as rhythmic YEET chants filled the arena.

Witnessing the enthusiasm, Pat McAfee couldn’t contain his excitement and participated in the action, seen waving his hands and joining the crowd in the moves. Later, he admitted that the moment overwhelmed him, feeling his knees tighten and even fearing a hamstring injury. This was evident in the video as he glanced down and gestured a move while standing on his chair.

Cody Rhodes jumps in to save Jey Uso

Later on, Jimmy Uso arrived to face his brother with Solo Sikoa in the same ring. We see Jey talking about missing his brother despite all their differences. He wanted Jimmy to come back.

However, Jimmy stated that he was not the one who left. He even pointed out Jey’s ambition to break free from The Bloodline and carve out his own career, which led to their differences. At one point, we see Jimmy taking all the credit for Jey’s career so far.

This statement seemed to pull the nerves between the brothers. Jey attacked his brother but was thwarted due to Sikoa pulling the blows. After getting cornered in the ring, we see Cody Rhodes make a run into the arena to save Jey Uso.

‘The American Nightmare’ knocked Jimmy outside the ring and pulled a backflip to knock Silkos out of the ring. There was plenty of tension going on as the sworn enemy of The Bloodline rescued Joey Uso. 

This event marks a significant turn in the Wrestlemania 40 story, where we expect The Bloodline to fight against Cody Rhodes. Expect plenty of action in the coming weeks as The Rock makes a comeback amidst the feud between the Uso brothers.


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