“Cousin over brother”: Bloodline member vows vengeance against Jey Uso for betraying Roman Reigns

When Roman Reigns began maltreating his cousins Jey and Jimmy Uso, there has been serious discord in The Bloodline. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens also have sown seeds of uncertainty in The Usos’ minds, which didn’t help. At Night of Champions, Jimmy Uso super-kicked Roman Reigns after reaching his breaking point in the tension. The “superkick heard ’round the globe” was its moniker.

After months of suffering at The Tribal Chief’s hands, Jey Uso eventually decided to leave The Bloodline in last week’s episode. Jey and his brother Jimmy used superkicks to defeat Reigns and Sikoa as they were leaving the faction. Sikoa, however, is not going to let bygones be bygones, he is choosing his cousin over his brother. And has vowed to exact revenge on Jey Uso for betraying Roman Reigns.

Solo Sikoa promises payback on Jey Uso for Reigns’ betrayal

Following Friday’s dramatic WWE SmackDown happenings, Solo Sikoa took to social media to declare his continued loyalty to Roman Reigns. Sikoa uploaded a vintage photo of him nearly hitting Jey with a Samoan Spike during this year’s Backlash premium live event on Twitter. The tweet from “The Big Dog’s” protege was intended as a warning for his former Bloodline teammate.

“Ima get you..” wrote Sikoa.

The Usos strolled up the ramp and made their way backstage after SmackDown had finished airing. Reigns departed the arena with Sikoa, his lone ally, and Manager Paul Heyman after shaking his head joined them a minute later.

In the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event, Sikoa and Reigns will collaborate for a major tag team bout against The Usos. The Bloodline Civil War was officially announced on SmackDown Lowdown as a result of Jimmy and Jey’s antics on SmackDown.

Roman Reigns

WWE fans despise Solo Sikao’s Roman Reigns alliance

Sikoa has also been imperceptibly harmed by The Usos’ poor leadership. In the event that Reigns continues to irritate him, he is a ticking time bomb who might blow at any time.

Fans are already talking about Solo Sikoa turning on Roman Reigns on Twitter. Because of the numerous occasions in which he has helped him win key matches, and since he cannot be on his bad side, WWE fans think that Roman Reigns dread his partner. 

Some people find it quite difficult to comprehend that Sikoa would choose his cousin before his own brothers. That in no way makes them feel at ease.

Reigns chastised The Usos on last Friday’s SmackDown episode for deviating from the agenda. The previous week, when he referred to Jimmy and Jey as “the problem,” Sikoa may not have taken well to that.

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