VIDEO: The Usos take out Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa with ‘Superkick’ on WWE Smackdown

Observant wrestling fans who followed the WWE Bloodline Saga have probably noticed the tensions building up inside the faction. Right after Roman celebrated his 1000-day streak of holding the championship, the conflict began to translate into violence.

Following such a long build-up, Jey Uso finally managed to turn on the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and attacked “The Enforcer” to end Smackdown on a highly surprising note. During the main event section, Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns, and Solo Sikoa each received three championships.

The Usos vs Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa feud explained

Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman entered the ring with the Uso during tonight’s WWE SmackDown finale. Finding out if Jey Uso is supporting his brother Jimmy Uso or The Bloodline seemed to be Reigns’ main goal. The segment went on until Jey realized Jimmy was the only one who objected to his serving as Reigns’ right-hand guy previously.

Jey was not pleased with how his brother had been doubting him all along when Jimmy made his confession. Jey continued to complain and claimed that Jimmy becoming hurt was actually a blessing in disguise since he stepped up and began main-eventing occasions. Also, because of Reigns, the public was suddenly familiar with The Usos and he was known as Main Event Jey Uso.

Then Jey declared knowing that Jimmy had left The Bloodline. He moved closer to Jimmy before announcing, “I’m out, too.” In a flash, Jey super-kicked Reigns as the ceiling of Lexington, Kentucky’s Rupp Arena collapsed.

Solo charged towards his big brothers but Jey dodged as he looked down at Reigns and then back up at them. Solo was swiftly super-kicked by Jimmy, and their younger brother was doubly super-kicked by The Usos. Heyman backed away from the ring as the Usos glared at him. Reigns shouted while on his knees before rising. Reigns attempted to rush his cousins but was knocked down by a double superkick.

What comes next for The Usos and The Bloodline is currently unknown, however, WWE Money In the Bank on July 1 in London is rumored to feature Jimmy and Jey vs. Roman and Solo.

Is the Bloodline finally over?

One of the best stories WWE has ever told, what WWE has created with The Bloodline since 2020 is nothing short of magnificent. Even the most compelling narratives, though, ultimately come to an end. With The Usos’ full mutiny just around the bend, it seems like we are gradually moving towards that point.

There had been a considerable schism among the Bloodline members, as evidenced by Jey’s decision to go following the major event. Zayn is no longer involved, therefore Paul Heyman must now strive to convince Jey in order to keep the group together.

The Usos

The point of the narrative WWE has been telling with Jey from the beginning would be defeated if he created friction with Reigns and the rest of the gang only to fall back into line. Jimmy and Jey can continue to communicate, if only briefly. Sikoa can stay in the mix, but Paul Heyman might benefit from taking a break alongside Reigns and making a comeback when he’s ready.

The bloodline storyline may finally be coming to an end along with the ‘Tribal Chief’s reign, but many wrestling fans will look back fondly at this era.

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