Mercedes Mone confirms her commitment to AEW amid ‘quick money grab’ criticism

This week, AEW saw the debut of Mercedes Mone, the former WWE World Champion. It was quite a spectacle, with the fans rooting for her as she entered the arena.

She has revealed a multi-year deal with the All Elites that brings her here. A return to the WWE was briefly on the cards, but that did not materialize. However, the monetary deal is making all the headlines. Amid all the noise, she has made the claim to take the brand worldwide.

Mercedes Mone reveals her multi-year AEW deal

The former WWE superstar signed up for AEW for multiple years, and the deal is reported to be in the 8-digits. CEO Tony Khan did not reveal the numbers, but the deal currently makes her the highest-earning female wrestler.

In her interview with Sports Illustrated, she mentioned it’s the ladies who have made the brand, and that’s her reason to join it. She hopes to start a revolution and take the brand globally. She has set goals before signing on and mentions her heart is in the right place to achieve them.

Mercedes Mone made the show by arriving at the very beginning. She performed her solo ‘CEO’ with the audience and made a passionate speech about her arrival there. The show was in Boston, her hometown, which made it extra special, with the fans giving her the loudest of cheers on her entrance.

This was her comeback match after her ankle injury on the NJPW circuit. The nature of the injury was significant, and she could not put weight on the ankle for three months. Her surgeon at one point speculated that she may never wrestle again. But after a long recovery, she is back with a bang and making waves in the women’s wrestling arena.

One aspect of Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut scared wrestling fans

Mone’s debut was great, and the speech she made resonated with the audience. But later on a podcast, she was asked if she planned to return to WWE, to which she replied, “I know I’m going to be back there one day.”

This prompted many to question whether the AEW deal was simply a cash grab. Even in an interview with ESPN, she made it clear that money was a big inspiration for her when she said, ‘I’m all about the bag’.

But it all depends on how AEW plans to keep her. It seems that she is projected as the face of the brand. If they can spruce up some rivalry with the existing heavyweight, Britt Baker, her stint will go a long way. Meanwhile, she can provide mentorship to new talents and pass along her knowledge. 

We hope that’s the case going forward. Mone has the star power; let’s see how that fares for AEW.


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