Cody Rhodes goes off on ‘whiny bitch’ The Rock for having ‘little d*ck syndrome’ at WWE Raw

Viewers of WWE can already feel the shockwaves for WrestleMania 40 coming. Speaking on the WWE promo, Cody Rhodes has made an explicit laden rant in response to superstar Dwayne Johnson’s comments about him.

The latest promo sets up an interesting clash where The Rock will be back in the ring after more than a decade. He is slated to fight a tag team alongside WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes. Cody’s comments come after The Rock performed a song on his promo detailing the fate that awaits The American Nightmare in the upcoming WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes brutally roasts The Rock

After The Rock’s comments, fans were eager to know the reaction coming from the other end. By the time he was done, it was safe to say that we would be witnessing a hell of a bout in WrestleMania 40.

Cody Rhodes started by denying that he does not consider The Rock ‘a heel’. He referenced many wrestlers previously to take that persona, including Bobby Heenan, Ricky Flair, and Billy Graham. According to him, Dwayne Johnson is just an ‘a**hole.’

“Rock I don’t think you’re a heel. I think you’re an asshole,” Rhodes said.

His mother was already part of this feud where the Rock mentioned her in his promo, so we expected Cody to bring it up at some point. He did that by mentioning that ‘Mama Rhodes’ was not afraid of The Rock and that he did not even know her at all. 

He did not shy away from taking a poke at the rumored match between The Rock and Roman Reigns. The match did not materialize after receiving backlash from the fans. That’s when he referred to The Rock as a ‘wh*ny b*tch’ who was at the forefront of the match.

The mic drop moment was about to follow when Cody Rhodes questioned how The Rock handles the ring after being out for so long. He was unsure whether the audience would get the ‘Big Dwayne Energy’ or LDS referring explicitly to ‘little d*ck syndrome.’ That statement made some waves, as seen by the uproar in the crowd.

Cody Rhodes and The Rock feud explained

The exchange was set in motion with The Rock slapping Cody Rhodes during the press event of WrestleMania 40. This happened when Cody was speaking to Roman Reigns and was referring to the fact that his grandfather would be ‘disappointed’ with his treatment of The Bloodlines.

This prompted a scuffle, which was dissolved by Paul Heyman and Triple H, who were present on the stage. However, the story continued in The Rock’s promo, where he made his intention clear about his imminent faceoff against Cody Rhodes.

During an innuendo song performed at the ring, The Rock promised he would see the end of this saga. He took several digs at Cody during the song, making fun of the ‘Stardust’ persona at one moment. This was when he brought ‘Mama Rhodes’ into the conflict, promising to send her a bloodied WWE belt once the fight was over.

Now that we have a reply coming from ‘The American Nightmare’, the stage appears to be set for an exhilarating faceoff. Neither of them seems willing to pull off a punch. It will be interesting to see how The Rock manages his return to the ring after so long. 

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