WATCH: Rey Mysterio shows unmasked face in recent footage with daughter, Aalyah

WWE Champion Rey Mysterio, a fan favorite, is renowned for his iconic luchador mask, acrobatic jumps, and flips in the ring. He continues to feature under the SmackDown brand, showcasing his signature moves.

However, fans have seldom witnessed him without his mask, as he maintains his wrestling persona and progresses storylines. In a rare occurrence, he was spotted maskless in a video circulating on social media recently, making him barely recognizable.

Rey Mysterio dances without mask on

Rey Mysterio appeared on a TikTok video alongside his daughter Alyah on TikTok. He was not wearing his mask and instead wore a cool shade. He showed his dancing skills by grooving to the music alongside his daughter. Both of them seemed to be having a blast during this time.

He looked completely different from his in-ring persona during this time, which is understandable when WWE stars take time off to spend with their families and kids. This lesser-known face of Rey Mysterio is hardly seen in public, as he maintains his luchador character.

Back in November, when he suffered a knee injury while taking on Escobar, he was pictured with a fan on a crutch. Fans were bewildered to see him, and many joked about the whereabouts of the ‘real’ Mysterio. 

Rey Mysterio reportedly to face son, Dominik at WrestleMania 40

Rey Mysterio recently made his comeback in WWE and faced off against Escobar in a recent episode of SmackDown. He looked to take his revenge after the leader of the Legasodo del Fantasma defeated him last year, leading to his injury.

In a surprising turn of events, his son Dominik, also known as ‘Dirty Dom’ Mysterio, appeared in the ring and distracted Rey Mysterio, ultimately leading to his defeat. The father and son have been feuding since Dom betrayed him during a tag team match, resulting in his joining the Judgement Day faction.

They have already faced at WrestleMania 39, where Rey Mysterio defeated his son. Now that Dom’s recent intervention has cost him a bout against Escobar twice, he will need to teach his son a lesson in the upcoming WrestleMania.

Nothing has been decided yet, but WWE could set up a clash by bringing together Rey Mysterio, Dominik, Escobar, The Judgement Day, and LWO all on one stage. Each of them has scores to settle with the others, and there is no better place for it to happen than the mother of all events, WrestleMania.


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