Who is Cody’s sister, Teil Rhodes plotting to retaliate The Rock at WWE WrestleMania 40?

The past few days have seen The Rock and Cody Rhodes go back and forth with each other. From calling Rhodes a ‘mistake’ to attacking him backstage, The Rock is sure to get some attention from The American Nightmare’s fans and family.

Cody Rhodes will take on The Bloodline in a tag team match where he will look to settle the score against The Rock. Ahead of the clash, one member of the Rhodes family detailed how they are going to counter The Rock at the upcoming WrestleMania. Tensions are sure to rise as they had witnessed a bloody Cody Rhodes post the RAW segment earlier this week. 

Teil Rhodes plans to stop The Rock at WWE WrestleMania 40

The older sister of Cody Rhodes, Teil, appeared on the Busted Open Podcast, where she discussed the upcoming WrestleMania and answered questions related to her brother. This was when she was asked how her mother felt about The Rock’s statement about her son and the whole bloody act that followed.

Teil said that while her mother gets the whole point of wrestling and the storyline, she is not a big fan of it. She was taken back by the reception to the whole of it, receiving numerous phone calls during that time.

However, Teil notes that Mama Rhodes is pretty mad at The Rock. “She said she was going to bring her bear spray to ‘Mania, yeah. So, she’s going to come prepared, I think,” Teil added about her plans to retaliate against The Rock at WrestleMania.

This was not the first time Teil had come hard at The Rock. She was quick to say that the Brahma Bull had committed a mistake by attacking Rhodes with her tweet. 

In another tweet, she labeled The Rock’s words as similar to exuding toxic masculinity.

Earlier, Cody Rhodes’s brother Dustin had some strong words to say after the Rock attack. He did not take any names, but the nature of his tweet said it all. 

Teil Rhodes: Who is the older sister of Cody?

Teil Rhodes is a former team member of the same segment where Cody Rhodes was a part of before he joined WWE. She is two years older than Cody and half-sister to Dustin and Kristin Rhodes. She is an alma mater of the University of Texas.

She is no longer associated with wrestling after giving birth to her younger daughter. She loves wrestling and appears on podcasts, giving fans insights on Cody Rhodes.

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