“It kinda weird how Dominik Mysterio got his height from his mother’s genes instead of his father’s lmao”: A Genetic Surprise and Rey Mysterio’s Height Controversy

Dominik Mysterio, the offspring of the legend Rey Mysterio, has been making quite a lot of waves in the WWE realm with his unexpected venture into the wrestling industry.

Fans and critics alike have been taken aback by Dominik’s surprising genetic makeup, as he takes after his mother’s genes in terms of height, standing at an impressive 6’2″ and weighing 215 lbs.

This has led to some humorous remarks from Rey Mysterio himself, who jokingly questions if he’s the real father due to his son’s towering stature.

A Natural Wrestling Instinct, A Clash of Wrestling Styles, and A Father’s Role in the Future of Dominik Mysterio

In a recent interview with BT Sport, Rey Mysterio shared how Dominik came to him at the age of 19 expressing his interest in wrestling. Rey mentioned that he never forced or pressured Dominik into the wrestling business, but rather, it was a natural and organic decision that his son made.

Rey recalled how Dominik grew up around wrestling, being part of storylines involving Rey and the late Eddie Guerrero. This upbringing, combined with Dominik’s own passion for the sport, led him to ask his father for training to pursue his wrestling dreams.


Rey Mysterio also revealed a conversation he had with William Regal at Survivor Series, where Dominik was present as well. They discussed the evolving landscape of wrestling, with a combination of different styles such as Lucha Libre, British, and Japanese wrestling influencing the current trends in the industry.

Rey highlighted his enthusiasm for the new brand of wrestling that fans are falling head over heels in love with, comparing it to his very own breakout in the early-to-mid 1990s when he had joined the WCW and ECW.

He praised the remarkable abilities and talents of today’s wrestlers, acknowledging that it’s difficult for him to keep up with their fast-paced style.

Dominik Mysterio

When asked about his plans for training Dominik in the future, Rey Mysterio remained open but not definitive. He expressed his willingness to help his son full-time after he retires from wrestling, but also mentioned that he would be the hardest on his own son, ensuring that Dominik is truly ready for the wrestling business without any rush or pressure.

Rey spoke highly of Dominik’s progress so far, stating that his son continues to surprise him with his unique in-ring abilities and attributes, including his impressive height and weight.

Size vs. Stature: The Enigma of Rey Mysterio’s Height and Dominik’s Wrestling Destiny

Rey Mysterio’s height has been a topic of debate throughout his wrestling career. Listed as 5’6″ (168 cm) by WWE, some fans and critics have questioned this height, suggesting that he may be shorter in reality.

One factor contributing to this confusion is Rey’s choice of footwear, often wearing thick-soled boots that can add height. Additionally, his acrobatic wrestling style involving high-flying maneuvers can create an illusion of a taller stature in the ring.

In conclusion, Dominik Mysterio’s unexpected journey into wrestling, his unique genetic makeup, and Rey Mysterio’s height controversy have all become intriguing talking points in the WWE world. As Dominik continues to make his mark in the wrestling industry, with Rey’s guidance and support, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this father-son duo.

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