Father vs Son: Dominik Mysterio officially challenges Rey Mysterio to epic WrestleMania 39 fight on WWE RAW

Several father-and-son wrestling matches have taken place in the past. Dominik Mysterio, son of WWE legend Rey Mysterio, challenged his father to a match at WrestleMania 39 on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, setting the stage for what might be another father-son matchup in the squared circle. 

Will there be a father-son battle at WrestleMania 39? 

WrestleMania 17 took place in 2001 and included a match between wrestling patriarch Vince McMahon and his son Shane McMahon. This match remains the last time the wrestling world witnessed a father-son match at WrestleMania.

Now, after 22 years, the chance of another epic battle between father and son is once again on the table, and Dominik wants it to happen more than anything. During this week’s episode of RAW, Dom made an offer to his father to compete against him in the ring. Having said that, not before making fun of his father for being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“You earned that honor — at the expense of me. I see you for what you truly are, and that’s a sad, ugly excuse for a father. Actually, an excuse for a man.” said Dominik. 

“I’m gonna let you enjoy your Hall of Fame weekend in Los Angeles. But let’s make it a bit better because I challenge you to a match at WrestleMania.” Dominik added. 

In spite of his son’s persistent pleading, Mysterio Sr. never agreed to engage in combat with the younger Mysterio. Despite the fact that the audience was rooting for Dom, Rey turned down his son’s offer of a battle in order to uphold his principle of not competing against his offspring.

“Whether you believe it or not, I still love you, son, and I always will. There will be no match at WrestleMania.” Rey said. 

As a result of what Rey has said, it is now unclear whether or not they will engage in a wrestling match at the forthcoming WrestleMania. Having said that, it is WWE, anything might come into play at any time to surprise the fans. Dom, on the other hand, continued to place blame on his father for a variety of issues.

“Yes, keep walking away. Do what you do. You ran away from Raw, your family, and from me. The only thing you actually taught me is what not to be.”

Do you seriously believe that Rey Mysterio will one day go off against his own son, Dominik, at some point in the future? 

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