Finn Balor agreed to face Edge in return of Hell in a Cell match after seven years at WrestleMania 39

If you are a big fan of wrestling, you might want to buy a bigger bucket for popcorn for this year’s WrestleMania because the card is starting to load up with matches that are sure to be a blockbuster. The most recent match that has been scheduled is between Finn Balor and Edge.

The 39th annual WrestleMania, widely regarded as the biggest and most popular pay-per-view wrestling event, is scheduled to be held in the SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California. The phrase “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood” will be used as the catchphrase for the event that will take place over the course of two days beginning on April 1.

How Finn Balor agreed to fight Edge in WrestleMania 39?

A long-simmering rivalry between Edge and Finn has been in the works for quite some time. To resolve their dispute, all that was required was a large platform like WrestleMania. Wrestling fans were already intrigued about the two finally facing each other.

At first, only Finn seemed to have any interest in competing against Edge in the WrestleMania main event. Yet, Edge is the one who turned down the offer and pulled out of the deal. Considering they had not yet agreed upon a plan for the confrontation, things between them were not settling down.

Lately, Edge has extended an additional proposal to Finn. Which is put their animosity to rest in a match on a Monday Night Raw. This time, Finn turned down the offer, which ultimately led to Edge accepting the first offer, which was to fight in a major match on the grandest stage of professional wrestling world. 

“Edge I’ve been to hell before, and it spit me out, because hell couldn’t handle my demons. I’ll see you at WrestleMania.” said Finn.

The two notorious wrestlers have also decided to settle their differences through a hell in a cell match, which is absolutely the icing on the cake. WrestleMania has not hosted a Hell in a Cell match in seven years. As if the situation couldn’t be any more tense, Finn has decided to unleash the Demon when he will be facing Edge.

Any more surprises you’re hoping to see at the biggest wrestling event of the year? Please share your thoughts regarding WrestleMania 39 

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