The Rock responds to fan over Cody Rhodes’ “a** hole” comment

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Cody Rhodes had already engaged in a war of words during the Wrestlemania press event. After exchanging jabs during their respective promos, The Rock responded to a fan comment on Cody’s viral promo today.

With Wrestlemania 40 just a few weeks away, it serves as a platform for The Rock’s comeback, as he embraces a heel persona to be part of the Bloodline story. A feud is already brewing between the WWE legend and The American Nightmare, set to escalate with a tag team match next month.

The Rock responds to fan over Cody Rhodes’ WWE RAW segment

The Rock has responded to a fan tweet over Cody Rhodes’s response to this promo. He brushed off the reaction, even though he admitted it was good. 

Earlier, Cody Rhodes was in no mood to spare The Rock, as he labeled him a ‘wh*ny b*tch’ and an ‘a**hole’. He was not convinced of The Rock’s heel persona ahead of the Wrestlemania 40 showdown and made sure to let him know that.

This came after The Rock mocked Cody Rhodes and mentioned his mother in his promo. Cody appeared visibly offended by the statement, asserting that ‘Mama Rhodes fears no one’.

Prior to their verbal altercation, fans expressed discontent with The Rock’s appearance at Wrestlemania, as he is scheduled to face Roman Reigns, a slot many believed belonged to Cody Rhodes. This led to #WeWantCody trending on Twitter, with fans demanding the rematch.

It would also make more sense for The American Nightmare to face Roman Reigns, especially considering his loss at Wrestlemania 39. Rhodes had even indicated his desire to settle the score by competing against him this year.

The Rock’s appearance before WrestleMania 40 confirmed

The Brahma Bull is slated to make a final appearance on RAW on April 1. This is the last episode before the Wrestlemania bout starts.

With all the tension building up between The Rock and Cody Rhodes, the episode will surely have a faceoff between them. It will serve as a final showdown between them before they take on each other in one of the most hyped-up Wrestlemania matches in recent times. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, are also expected to show up for their respective teams.

The fans are expected to play a major role in the feud between the two. Expect Cody Rhodes to get some reaction as he enters the arena as evidenced by the social media reactions.


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