NFL announces supplementary draft return, what exactly is supplementary draft?

Looks like the draft season is not over yet. NFL has decided to bring back a supplementary draft after 4 years of hiatus. It is an excellent opportunity for teams to acquire players that they couldn’t through the regular draft process.

But what exactly is a supplementary draft, how does it work, and when will it start? Don’t worry we have got answers for all your queries. Keep reading this article to find all the details. 

NFL to Bring Back Supplementary Draft

The NFL will reintroduce the Supplementary Draft which is quite different from the regular draft. In the regular draft there are seven rounds, however, in the NFL Supplementary draft teams can select the player who was not part of the regular draft’s seven rounds. 

In recent years, teams stopped taking advantage of this draft process but many success stories emerged from the supplementary draft. 

NFL supplementary draft

One such story is of Chris Carter, he was selected in the Supplementary draft and had a remarkable career. Similarly, Bernie Kosar, a very famous player was also selected in the same way. 

So, what exactly is the supplemental draft? 

What is supplementary draft?

In the NFL Supplementary draft, teams submit blind bids indicating the round in which they would select a specific player. The team with the highest-round bid ultimately acquires the player. In cases where multiple teams submit the same bid, the team with the better draft position gets priority in selecting the prospect. 

However, winning a bid comes at a cost. The team that successfully acquires a player forfeits a pick from the corresponding round in the following year’s regular draft. Teams are first divided into three categories to ensure fairness in the draft process. This division is done based on the teams’ performances in the previous season. 

The order within each category is determined by a weighted lottery system, favoring teams with fewer wins. Non-playoff teams with six or fewer wins make the first category, non-playoff teams with more than six wins are included in the second category, and the playoff teams are put in the third category. 

When the draft commences? 

NFL supplementary draft

The 2023 NFL Supplementary Draft is scheduled for July 11, 2023. Players will start submitting applications to the league. 

Throughout the years, the supplemental draft has produced remarkable talents. Terrelle Pryor, Josh Gordon, Ahmad Brooks, Bernie Kosar, and Cris Carter are some examples. This highlights the potential for teams to find hidden gems through this alternative draft process.

This return of the Supplementary draft will provide a great opportunity for teams to improve their rosters. Teams, players, and fans are excited about this long-awaited draft. Let’s see what happens and which team gets the most benefit from it.

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