Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat once roasted Logan Paul, KSI’s Prime drink flavour saying: “This sh*t right here is not lemonade”

Logan Paul is one of the few rising stars of the current generation. He earned a huge fanbase through his YouTube and WWE career over the year. He is not just an athlete and influencer, but also a successful businessman, co-owning the popular beverage brand PRIME alongside KSI. The brand has seen huge success over the past year, earning the duo millions in profit.

The PRIME energy drink has seen its fair share of popularity among renowned celebrities as well, with many partaking in various promotional campaigns of the drink as well. Two months ago, Twitch star Kai Cenat received a box of Logan Paul and KSI’s new PRIME Hydration Lemonade flavor, and he made some quirky remarks about the drink.

Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat brutally mocked Logan Paul, KSI’s Prime drink

In June, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat gave his opinion on Logan Paul’s new drink flavor. The streamer tried out “PRIME Lemonade” during a live stream, where he was unboxing a lot of packages from his fans and different companies. One of those boxes contained a 12-pack of PRIME Lemonade. Kai was very excited to try out the drink.

The specific was released in May; however, it was not that popular compared to other flavors.

Kai Cenat

It turns out that Kai Cenat was very fond of drinking lemonade and he also claimed that he drinks a glass of lemonade almost every day. Fans were curious to see if PRIME Lemonade pass his taste test or not, and it looks like it didn’t.

After carefully mixing the drink in a glass with some ice cubes, Kai Cenat only had one word to say: “A**.”

Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat arrested after NYC giveaway turned chaotic

Hundreds of people gathered at the Manhattan park after Kai Cenat, a popular YouTube and Twitch streamer, announced a giveaway of free game consoles.

The streamer faced a charge of causing a riot on Friday when an event at Manhattan’s Union Square Park where he planned to hand out video game consoles resulted in mayhem, involving several thousand young people. In addition to that, Kai was expected to be charged with unlawful assembly and potentially, other crimes.

The giveaway was supposed to start at 4 pm, but, as the time for the event was getting near the crowd started to act violently. There were thousands of people and hundreds of police were deployed to keep the crowd under control. But eventually, the crowd started fights among each other and they also attacked police forces present at the venue. There were in total 65 arrests including Kai Canet himself.

“It was uncontrolled. It took us a while to get it under control. And a lot of young people got hurt,”- said Police Department Chief Jeffrey Maddrey.

Among the arrested people, most were teenagers. The majority of the crowd went there just to see Kai. Although Kai Canet didn’t plan the riot, he is to be held responsible because when he announced his giveaway, there were approximately 90,000 people watching his stream.

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