Was Cody Rhodes the leader of the Bullet Club? Providing fact-check after Michael Cole’s commentary at WWE Fastlane

Cody Rhodes, an experienced wrestler who has previously competed in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), achieved the Undisputed Tag Team championship by defeating Judgment Day at Fastlane. Commentator Michael Cole mentioned his time in NJPW during Fastlane 2023.

However, Cole made an inaccurate reference to the Bullet Club while discussing them on WWE TV. There has been some debate about Cody Rhodes’ status as the Bullet Club leader, but in a recent promotional video, NJPW explicitly identified him as such.

Bullet Club history of Cody Rhodes

In 2016, Cody Rhodes signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and joined the Bullet Club faction. There is still discussion amongst fans as to how much of a leadership role he really had in the Bullet Club during his stint in NJPW.

Adding to the mystery of his role in the Bullet Club, NJPW has referred to him as the leader in promotional material. Cody Rhodes’s leadership role within the group is debatable, although he was undoubtedly a major player in NJPW.

Cody Rhodes
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While calling a tag team battle at WWE Fastlane, commentator Cole seemed to confuse Cody Rhodes’ stint in NJPW. Cole confused Cody Rhodes and Finn Balor, saying they were both former Bullet Club leaders during their match. His co-commentator even joined in the conversation online by adding, “Get those Twitter points, Cole.”

Throughout his time in NJPW, the American Nightmare was a member of the Bullet Club, but he was never made the club’s official leader. Some individuals remembered his time spent in the group, while others, particularly those who didn’t keep up with NJPW or ROH at the time, questioned it.

Rhodes’ injury scare on WWE RAW

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso won their Undisputed Tag Team Championships against Finn Balor and Damien Preist on Monday Night Raw. He nearly was hurt when, in the last seconds of the match, he tried a dangerous move. Rhodes and Jey survived kept their respective championships.

Cody Rhodes
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Though they won a close bout, Finn Balor and Damien Priest are eager for a rematch and redemption. Rhea Ripley persuaded upper management to give her squad a second shot. Fans want the American Nightmare to move on from The Judgment Day narrative, but the unexpected turn in his relationship with Jey as a result of their alliance is a welcome change.

The debate over whether Cody Rhodes is the true leader of the Bullet Club remains a hot topic on the internet. We can only hope that he isn’t seriously injured after his last match. Feel free to share your opinions on the unofficial leaders of the Bullet Club.


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