KSI almost collapsed during training for Tommy Fury fight

KSI has been intensively training for his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury, who is the first fighter to present a real challenge to him. KSI has dominated all his opponents so far, making it exciting to see how he will perform against Tommy this weekend.

A recent clip from KSI’s training camp has gone viral, showing him on a cardio machine while his coach pushes him to his limits. KSI’s camp is determined to ensure he’s in top form.

KSI almost collapsed during training

This fight is going to be the biggest fight in the influencer boxing scene till date. The full card is stacked right from the prelims to the main card. The main event is going to feature KSI vs Tommy and this fight is going to be one of a kind.

KSI has rarely encountered a significant challenge from his previous opponents, with the exception of Logan Paul, and that was quite some time ago. A recent video from KSI’s training camp highlights their intense preparation for this fight. They emphasize that they’re putting in maximum effort day in and day out.

In a recent video, KSI pushed himself to the limit, nearly reaching the point of exhaustion. It will be interesting to see how KSI fairs against Tommy this weekend. The whole event is going to be one of the biggest events this year.

KSI claims he trains hard enough to face Canelo, Bivol, or Beterbiev

KSI has always been very coonfident as he believes that he is the best in what he does. Time in and time out he has also proved his doubters wrong. From the start he has also believed that he could beat Jake Paul easily.

A video came out recently where it is seen that KSI said he believes that by the end of a camp he could beat anyone. He went onto list a few fighters like Canelo, Bivol and Beterbiev. He is not as delusional as Jake, who has openly said that he could beat Canelo.

In the end KSI did clarify in all reality they are among the best boxers, and without a doubt they would find a way to beat him, and would do it comfortably.

Who do you think is going to win this weekend, do let us know.


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