“F*cking piece of sh*t”: KSI outraged at Tommy Fury for not taking their bout ‘seriously’ after Fury ended sparring session against unknown boxer

KSI and Tommy Fury are scheduled to fight on October 14 on the MF & DAZN: X Series 10 prime card. Negotiations between the long-time rivals for this fight have been ongoing for months, especially after Fury’s victory over Jake Paul. These two British boxers have engaged in verbal exchanges on social media and during press conferences.

It’s just a matter of days that boxing world will finally see these two settle their differences. However, it seems that the British YouTuber-turned-boxer isn’t done with the online altercations.

KSI blasts Tommy Fury

KSI is unimpressed with Tommy Fury, claiming the Love Island star isn’t taking him seriously. KSI expressed his concerns after witnessing Tommy Fury’s last sparring partner, Owen Kirk, who has a record of 3-1-2, just one week before the fight night. In an Instagram story, the YouTuber-turned-boxer poked fun at Kirk’s record and directed some comments toward Tommy.

“How fucking dare you?” said the YouTube star. JJ continued to express his disappointment in Tommy Fury and said that he isn’t taking him seriously. You’re not taking me seriously at all you fucking piece of shit.” said JJ Olatunji.

The YouTube star further went on to vent his frustration and said that he’s preparing himself for the ultimate challenge whereas the Love Island star is sparring with a middleweight with poor movement and weak punches.

Furthermore, KSI took to Twitter, where once more he claimed his opponent wasn’t taking him seriously enough. “Tommy Fury’s final spar…Tommy ain’t taking me seriously,” he said, adding several laughing emojis. JJ compared Tommy Fury’s last training partner, Owen Kirk with his first sparring partner, Idris Virgo.

Details on KSI vs Tommy Fury match card

Long-term rivals Tommy Fury and KSI will step into the ring on October 14th for their highly-anticipated clash, following months of verbal sparring. The six-round cruiserweight bout between the two British boxers will headline the MF & DAZN: X Series 10 prime card and is set to be held at Manchester’s AO Arena.

The “Prime card” event will also see Logan Paul clash with former MMA fighter Dillon Danis, who has been trolling Logan Paul for months posting explicit pictures of the youtuber turned boxer’s fiancée Nina Agdal. This promotion of the fight from Dillon may have successfully marketed the fight but it has also infuriated the elder Paul brother and Logan won’t be messing around on the fight night.

The rematch between Deen the Great and Walid Sharks, King Kenny vs. Anthony Taylor, Whindersson Nunes vs. My Mate Nate, Chase DeMoor vs. Tempo Arts, S-X vs. DTG, along with a tag team match between Wassabi Lmao (Alex Wassabi and NichLmao) and Los Pineda Coladas (Luis Alcaraz Pineda and BDave) will also be featured on the undercard of the MF & DAZN: X Series 10 prime card.

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the bout between KSI and Tommy Fury. Who do you think will emerge victor? Also, tell us your take on the fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.


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