Weeks after Dillon Danis’ relentless trolls, Logan Paul makes a horrible respond

Dillon Danis has been relentlessly trolling Logan Paul for weeks ahead of their bout by posting explicit pictures of Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, on social media. The trolling by Danis went so far that Agdal had to issue a restraining order and file a federal lawsuit against the former MMA fighter.

Logan had remained quiet and didn’t engage in the same trolling methods as Dillon until now. The elder Paul brother took to Twitter to respond in a similar manner to Danis.

Logan Paul’s attempt to slap back at Dillon Danis backfired

Paul took to Twitter to post a controversial and speculative screenshot of a chat with an unidentified woman. The screenshot shared by Paul involved someone talking to a woman who allegedly met Dillon on the night of the press conference for a threesome.

“El Jefe” had been terrified the entire time Paul had sent those women to him as the woman stated. “He was trying to be calm, but he’s terrified of Logan. I want Logan to use this against Dillon because I despise the way Dillon talks about Nina,”

Logan provided this screenshot. Paul is not confirmed, but is extremely speculative. Most likely, this was Paul’s futile attempt to reconnect with Dillon for the never-ending trolling.

Boxing fans back Dillon Danis and brutally roast Logan Paul’s comeback attempt

Since the buildup for the fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, the former has consistently enjoyed support from boxing fans due to Dillon’s trolling of Paul’s fiancée and allegations of Logan being involved in cryptocurrency scams. The boxing fans were quick to respond to this tweet by Paul. 

“You scammed people for millions in crypto. The world don’t believe a thing you say. You moving like a lil cock.” said one fan replying to the tweet by Paul. ”

“Exposing” your enemy for having a threesome is hilarious.” Tweeted another fan.

Danis’ fans criticized Logan Paul’s response, pointing out that the screenshot is highly speculative and lacks concrete evidence, whereas Danis’ trolling has been supported by hard proof.

Nevertheless, Logan’s supporters also replied to the tweet with comments like, ‘Nothin’ like a good ol’ butt finger,’ from one fan, and ‘Exposed that fraud,’ tweeted another fan.”

Let us know what you think about Paul’s response in the comments. Do you think it’s genuine, or do you think Logan is just throwing punches? Tell us who you believe will win on October 14.


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