Dillon Danis cannot publish explicit image of Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal anymore, here’s why?

Dillon Danis had been uploading explicit pictures of his opponent, Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, for over a month in an attempt to promote their fight and troll and mock the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

After losing her patience, Nina Agdal eventually filed a federal lawsuit and requested a restraining order against Conor McGregor’s training partner. Following the filing of the federal lawsuit, El Jefe is no longer allowed to post explicit pictures of the Danish super model.

Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal files lawsuit against Dillon Danis over online harassments

Nina Agdal broke silence on the ongoing trolling directed at her and filed for a restraining order and a federal lawsuit against El Jefe. In her lawsuit, Nina claims she has suffered humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm, alleging that Danis violated federal and state laws.

As a result of these online humiliations, Agdal is now seeking damages. Dillon also took to Twitter to express his reaction to the situation, stating,“Nina Adgel has filed a massive lawsuit against me. She filed a restraining order against me and is seeking prison time, so the fight is in jeopardy if I’m in jail. This is actually wild but I won’t stop fuck the system come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man walking.”

The Danish model reportedly claimed that one post, in particular, made by Dillon, involved a sexually explicit image taken from a ‘romantic encounter’ more than 10 years ago, alleging that it violated federal and state laws.

Agdal has asked for unspecified damages in the lawsuit. However, she is seeking no less than $150,000 per violation of the federal law that prohibits the sharing of intimate images.

Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal granted restraining order against Dillon Danis for explicit image

For now, Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, won’t have to worry about being harassed on social media. A New Jersey Court has granted a temporary restraining order against Paul’s next fight opponent. 

The court prohibits Dillon from “posting content in any way depicting or portraying Plaintiff that Defendant knows or has reason to believe was never meant to be shared publicly or was obtained without consent, through the hacking of any of Plaintiff’s accounts or devices, or through any other illegal or unauthorized means.”

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