Tommy Fury’s father John Fury smashes tables during heated presser with KSI, sparking hilarious reactions from Logan Paul and Sean O’Malley

The KSI and Fury fight is set to happen as the headliner of Misfits Boxing’s “The PRIME Card”. It is set to take place Oct. 14 at AO Arena in Manchester, England. The pre-fight press conference was conducted on Tuesday, August 22 at 4 p.m. of UK time. The press conference of Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight was also set to happen at the same presser.

It was already anticipated that something out of the ordinary might happen at this presser considering the bold callouts each fighter had done. But the incident that took place in this press conference was not something anyone had foreseen. An incident that made KSI jump up from his chair and riled up all the people present there at that moment.

John Fury smashes tables at KSI vs Tommy Fury presser

While at the press conference, John Fury (father of Tommy) suddenly had a raging outbreak and smashed a table. The head of the Fury family made the trip to London to support his son and this was also the first time he had come face-to-face with JJ. The four fighters in question were exchanging sarcastic and personal insults as “Big John” smashed a table.

After that, he shouted “I’m a f**ing machine! Can anyone question who I am here?” and started kicking tables and other props down the set. Logan had brought an insulting cake to celebrate Dillon’s 30th birthday, “Big John” was seen shouting about that as well as saying, “Take the cake and stick it up your a*”. Logan stood up on his table and was visibly riled up as KSI jumped up from his chair and was going to charge at John as security stopped him from doing so.

Logan Paul and Sean O’Malley’s hilarious reaction

After that public display of rage and destruction. Logan took to “X” (formerly “Twitter”) and tweeted “John Fury is a legend” sarcastically. Thankfully, that outbreak did not result in an all-out brawl between the fighters as the situation was pacified and all of them went back to their training so that they could enter the ring at their best forms.

The Press Conference was something a lot of people had their eyes on. So, it is normal that people other than fans of the fighters were also watching. After the press conference, the present UFC Bantamweight champion, “Sugar” Sean O’ Malley also took to his socials and tweeted, “I want whatever John Fury is on” sarcastically. The incident also garnered a lot of sarcastic comments from fans all over social media.

What did you think of John Fury’s reaction? Did you expect that to happen? What are your opinions on the upcoming “PRIME Card”? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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