“You’ve already lost”: Dillon Danis takes brutal aim at Logan Paul after their and KSI vs Tommy Fury official Press Conference announcement

After a long absence from the ring, former YouTube sensation and rising WWE star Logan Paul is finally set to battle it out against the infamous Dillon Danis come October 14th in Manchester, England.

‘The Maverick’  has not competed in a boxing bout ever since the exhibition match against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather back on December 6th of 2020. In the meantime, Logan made a move to WWE and suffered a horrible injury during one of his matches against Roman Reigns. There were speculations that Paul may never step back into the ring but the recent announcement suggests otherwise.

The buildup to the fight has been rather intense and Dannis recently took some harsh jabs at Logan following one of his Tweets.

Dillon Danis brutally slams Logan Paul who claims backup fighter to be present at the press conference

Recently Logan put out a Tweet that said “I made sure the backup fighter will be there in case Dillon doesn’t show up.” This was in reference to Danis backing up from the fight against KSI at the last moment which was scheduled in January 2023.

The former BJJ star had this for a response “Mate, just shut up. You’ve already lost. You keep deflecting me because I’m ruining your life. Don’t worry, when you travel, one of Nina’s boyfriends will be watching her. Oh yeah, pay back the money you owe from CryptoZoo. See you there pussy.” the firey response by Danis created a buzz on social media, the tweet itself got 20000 likes.

Dillon Danis continues to troll Logan Paul to promote the fight

There has been a lot of back and forth between Logan and Danis. At one point, famous Twitch sensation Adin Ross went live on stream and said “Somebody has to be an informant on logan paul`s team” to which Dillon tweeted, “My informants are mike majlak and jake paul”, Mike Majlak and Jake Paul are 2 very close people to logan with the former being his childhood friend and the latter being his brother.

Danis has also gone after Logan’s fiance Nina Agdal. Nina is a Danish model who has been with a lot of partners in the past and has a lot of mature-rated material out on the internet. Dillon has used these pieces of Media to go after the elder Paul.

If Danis truly doesn’t pull away from the fight then the matchup has the potential to be one of the biggest combat sport events of the year. Will Logan be able to avenge all the insults or will the former Bellator fighter have the last laugh? Share what you think below!


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