Tommy Fury’s father reveals ongoing talks with KSI amid rumors of rematch vs Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s hopes of a rematch with Tommy Fury have been dashed as Fury’s father, John, revealed that talks for a fight have actually taken place with KSI. In their last bout, the undefeated 23-year-old Fury survived a knockdown to defeat Paul by a split decision in Saudi Arabia.

Despite having a one-sided rematch clause in his contract, which he plans to activate. Paul’s pursuit of a rematch has been hindered by Fury’s negotiations with KSI. Following Tommy’s win over Paul, KSI claimed on social media that he could defeat both fighters in the ring.

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul

KSI’s desire to face Jake Paul or Tommy Fury in the ring might become a reality as Fury’s father disclosed having talks with KSI’s promoters.

KSI, who won against Paul’s brother Logan in his pro boxing debut in November 2019. He is currently preparing for his fourth exhibition fight and training for his upcoming match against Joe Fournier scheduled for May.

Tommy Fury Vs KSI: The Next Big Match?

John discussed his son’s next opponent: “Well, we aren’t sure. I have been in talks with the Sauerland brothers [Kalle and Wilfried] about a possible match-up with their man KSI. I had a meeting with them the other day and it went well. Let’s see what happens.”

“I am still waiting to hear from them. But they did text me the other day saying they are really busy and they are on it. If it can be done, we will do it. Whoever else wants to box Tommy, ring the number and get in touch. I don’t deal with the Jake Paul rematch. I am on a rest period and I have just left that to my lawyer. But I’m sure if it can be done, we can do it,” he further added.

During his appearance on Soccer AM last weekend, ‘TNT’ expressed uncertainty about an immediate rematch with Paul. The Love Island star stated that he is willing to fight his long-time rival anytime, but he’s not sure if Paul wants the bout now.

Fury mentioned that he’s on top of the hill, and it’s his call to make. He also hinted that his next fight would be more significant than a rematch with Paul, saying there are many meetings going on.

‘The Problem Child’ too has signed with PFL and expressed interest in pursuing an MMA career. With so many potential options for both rising athletes, do you think we will ever see a rematch? Let us know in the comments.

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