NBA analyst makes shocking Stephen Curry’s Warriors prediction saying “they’re not winning west without Andrew Wiggins”

The NBA landscape is perpetually evolving, and this season is no exception. The Golden State Warriors, once a powerhouse in the league, are facing an uphill battle as they contend with a host of challenges.

One such obstacle is the uncertainty surrounding Andrew Wiggins, whose presence on the court has been sorely missed this season. Despite the trials and tribulations, fans and analysts alike are eager to see how the Warriors will fare in the postseason and whether they can reclaim their former glory.

How critical is Andrew Wiggins to the Warriors’ playoff chances?

The 2022-23 NBA season has been a rollercoaster for Andrew Wiggins, the breakout star of the previous year’s playoffs. After signing a four-year, $109 million contract extension with the Warriors, expectations were high. However, injuries and personal issues have hindered his progress, casting a shadow over the Warriors’ prospects.

The team’s leadership, including Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr, remains hopeful that Wiggins can resolve his problems and return to form. However, many believe that without Wiggins, the Warriors’ chances of making a deep playoff run are slim, despite their extensive postseason experience.

Stephen Curry

During a recent appearance on ESPN’s First Take, NBA analyst JJ Redick underscored the importance of Wiggins to the Warriors’ success. He argued that the team would not win the Western Conference without Wiggins, citing his invaluable contributions during the previous season’s Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals.

The road to the NBA Finals will be no easy feat for the Warriors, even with Wiggins on board. They will have to face formidable opponents, such as Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Edwards, Ja Morant, and De’Aaron Fox, making the task exponentially more difficult without Wiggins’ skillset.

The Warriors have also seen a decline in their defensive prowess this season, largely due to Wiggins’ absence. Having played in just 37 of the team’s 77 games, the Warriors’ defensive rating has suffered, dropping 2.7 points without him.

What’s next for Wiggins and the Warriors?

As Wiggins grapples with his off-court issues, it remains to be seen whether he will return in time to bolster the Warriors’ playoff chances. The team must find a delicate balance between supporting Wiggins during his struggles and preparing for the postseason without him.

In conclusion, the Warriors’ playoff journey will be an uphill battle without Andrew Wiggins. However, the unpredictability of the NBA landscape leaves the door open for surprises, and the team’s veteran leadership may yet guide them to success.

Only time will reveal how the Warriors navigate the challenges ahead and whether Wiggins can overcome his hurdles to rejoin the team in their quest for another NBA championship.


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