Top WWE star swears vengeance against Logan Paul after unexpected title win for “the maverick”

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia hosted the WWE Crown Jewel on November 4. Two world champions defended their titles against LA Knight and Drew McIntyre, respectively. However, in a shocking and controversial turn of events, Logan Paul secured a victory over a Hall of Famer.

Despite the controversy surrounding Logan Paul’s win, the fact that an LWO member publicly vowed to dethrone the new WWE US champion on Twitter has become a central point of conversation.

LWO member issues warning to Logan Paul

At WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Logan and Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio engaged in a thrilling match. However, Logan secured the United States Championship at Crown Jewel, with an unexpected assist that went unnoticed by many initially.

One of Logan’s WWE opponents, Santos Escobar of LWO, took notice of his triumph. Santos and the current US champion were once bitter rivals. While chasing Logan in an attempt to stop him, Escober unintentionally aided Paul in winning the match by preventing him from using the brass knuckles and accidentally hitting the ring apron. Consequently, Logan was able to knock out Mysterio with a punch while standing on the apron.

Logan Paul
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As Santos Escober was unable to prevent Paul from becoming the champion, he sent a threatening message to YouTube influencers via Twitter. Santos asserted that he did not recognize Logan as the champion and vowed to dethrone the current US Title holder in the near future.

Jake Paul reacts to Logan Paul’s US title win

Before the Survivor Series, the second last exciting event of WWE this year, Crown Jewel took place. Despite the surprising outcome, where Escobar’s unintentional mistakes inadvertently aided Logan in defeating a Hall of Famer, Jake Paul did not stop to celebrate his brother’s victory.

Jake Paul’s delight at Logan’s victory was caught on camera, and it was particularly amusing because he was having breakfast at the time. Nevertheless, fans had fun with Jake’s response to the ‘fake’ championship. Similarly, Logan Paul’s enthusiastic reaction to winning the belt became a subject of social media jokes. Jake and former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle are currently in discussions about a potential showdown between the two of them.

Logan Paul
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